Svoboda speaks: Can Armstrong finish strong?

Remember the so called "it factor" Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong had in the huddle. He needs it at an all-time high in November.

In seven years as head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Bo Pelini has twice had an undefeated month of November – both in 2009 and 2012.

“It's how you prepare and if you're going to be able to stay focused in for the long haul, whether you get tired, physically mentally or whatever it may be,” said Pelini. “You have to put your foot on the gas pedal at this time of year. That's the only way it works.

”Those are the teams that are going to be standing at the end. You're not going to be given anything. You have to go take it. That isn't just on Saturday. That means you've got to prepare the right way during the week. You've got to be focused enough and disciplined enough to bring it to the practice field every day. Because that's where games are won or lost. How you prepare.”

Pelini’s Huskers have been known more for late season meltdowns than they have been for strong finishes. According to the head coach, it is about how you prepare and if you can be a team that “takes it.”

There hasn’t been a year with more to gain from a strong finish than this season. Nebraska has three games left, all against teams in their division: @Wisconsin, Minnesota, and @Iowa.

It is definitely conceivable Pelini’s squad wins all three games and enters the Big Ten Championship with a 11-1 record. They would also likely be inside the College Football Playoff committee’s top ten.

It also isn’t crazy to think that they could lose all three contests. Nebraska has dropped the last game to all three opponents. With that said, sophomore Tommy Armstrong wasn’t the quarterback for any of those three matchups. The Nebraska quarterback is 15-2 as the starter, a pretty remarkable feat.

Ever since Armstrong arrived on campus, coaches have raved about his “it factor.” The month of November will prove whether or not he really has it.

The month of November for a quarterback takes a lot of grit, toughness, and leadershi. A couple of these games, if not all three, will depend on Armstrong’s ability to limit mistakes, stretch the field, and lead his team to staying composed.

The Huskers desperately need Armstrong to have the “it factor.” It’s existence is their only hope of getting through November unscathed and having a chance to ending their league title drought.

It is bye week in Husker land, can Tommy Armstrong take Pelini’s advise and lead his team in preparation? Can he put the team on his back and lead them where no Husker team has gone since 1999? Does he have “it” in him?

*** Edited/posted by Josh Harvey ***

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