Top 2017 player in the state of Nebraska?

It's never too early to take a look at the in-state prospects coming down the pipe. Patrick Arnold from Gretna (Nebr.) might be the best that the class of 2017 has to offer from Nebraska.

It's never too early to begin the discussion about who the top underclassmen are in the state. The Huskers have sewn up the top junior with TE/DE Jared Bubak while a two-way player from Gretna (Nebr.) named Patrick Arnold might be the top sophomore in the state.

"I just turned 16," Arnold said. "I am currently 6-foot-2 and 260-pounds. During the summer I got up to around 270-pounds. I would like to get up to 280-pounds. I am still growing. I have grown two inches since April."

Arnold has good size and he puts it to good use in the trenches. Arnold plays at a couple of spots on the offensive line. The position which Arnold really likes on the offensive line he hasn't played in a couple of years.

"I play left offensive guard mainly and some offensive tackle. I am the left tackle in the the pistol and I move inside to guard. I also play defensive tackle.

"I really love offense. I haven't played right guard in two years, but it's really my favorite position. I am right handed and I love to pull."

Arnold says that he's been to each of the last two year's summer camps in Lincoln. He says that he knows the Nebraska staff pretty well. He hasn't been to a game in Lincoln yet this fall, but says that he will probably get over there soon.

"I have been to Nebraska's camps the last two years. I am familiar with their coaches. I haven't been to any of their games this year. I will probably be able to get to one later this season."

Picking out a school isn't something that Arnold will have to really worry about for quite some time. He is definitely looking for a school that has his major and says that even though he has been living in Nebraska the past 12 years that he has a lot of family in another part of the country.

"I'd like to go to school some place that is close to home and I also want to major in pre-med so I will be looking at that. I was born in North Carolina and have family there and in South Carolina. I like Nebraska and I also like Stanford because of their academics and athletics."

Arnold has been in Nebraska for the majority of his life. This summer though he will go back to where he was born and will have a chance to go on some visits and do some camps. There are a lot of strong ties for Arnold back to the Carolinas.

"We moved when I was four to Nebraska. I am going to visit North Carolina this summer and I am going to go to camps at North Carolina, North Carlina State and Wake Forest.

"My mom went to Wake forest and my dad got his masters at North Carolina State. He actually worked at North Carolina A&T for a few years and then headed back."

Gretna is 9-2 on the season including a 2-1 district record. Arnold also wrestles and throws discus for Gretna.

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