BRR Filmroom: Stanley Morgan

Nebraska's newest commit is the first commitment for the class of 2015 in nearly three months. It was a great commit to end the slump for the Huskers and it's clear from watching the film that Nebraska got themselves a good one.

First off, let me say that I initially watched the HUDL film on Stanley Morgan when we confirmed that he was going to make an official visit to Nebraska. I was impressed, but mainly it was because he was a 6-foot-1 guy that played 6-foot-4. Nebraska needs that big "X" now and Morgan can play it having less than ideal height.

After watching the film, I drastically underestimated Morgan and what he can do on the football field. He is much more dynamic and athletic than I originally gave him credit for. After seeing the film below, I am firmly in the corner of those that have said and have the opinion that Morgan is under-rated.

Video posted by: Josh Harvey

Morgan shows good speed, which is something that didn't necessarily stand out on HUDL, but more than just top-speed he hits top speed quickly out of his cuts and after he makes a move with the ball in his hands. He also shows great concentration. His first catch is "Westerkamp-like".

You have to really like seeing the variety of the routes that Morgan is running and how his quarterback continually goes back to him in all of the routes. He gets separation quickly from the defender in and out of his cuts and can accelerate quickly.

Of course there is how Morgan can go up and get the ball at it's highest point. He does that exceptionally well. He gets his body between the ball and the defender and catches the ball with is hands.

There is the physical strength that Morgan shows as well. He has the ability to simply stiff arm defenders. Morgan is also too much for most defensive backs to bring down one on one. Morgan also sees the tacklers coming low and will side step them or just go over them.

Last, Morgan has some attitude to him. Lots of people don't believe that being cocky is good for the game. Typically I would agree, but when it comes to a single position where some flash is good it's wide receiver. Morgan has some swagger to him which he can back up on the film.

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