Bell says talk surrounding Pelini is crazy

Nebraska senior wide receiver Kenny Bell said talk of firing Bo Pelini is "literally insane."

LINCOLN, Neb. - Declining to speak to reporters after the game on Saturday, Nebraska receiver Kenny Bell talked with a handful from the media on Tuesday.

Over the course of his media session (which Big Red Report didn’t fully attend), a wide array of topics were discussed, including his thoughts on head coach Bo Pelini.

"Anybody that says he needs to go is crazy. It's literally insane,” said Bell. "If 9 wins, 10 wins isn't good enough for you, I don't know who you should be a fan of.

"Obviously we want a conference championship, but sometimes it's not in the cards. Sometimes it's not easy to come out and win every single week."

Bell used an analogy, which included a mailman, to make his point regarding Pelini.

"It's like saying if he missed my mail one day or dropped some in the snow, he should be fired,” said Bell. “It blows my mind at times the way people think.

“We are a 8-2 football team. That’s a good football team. Did we get beat? Absolutely, we got our tails kicked…in hindsight; a lot of teams would love to be 8-2. A lot of fan bases that would love their team to be 8-2. My glass is half-full.”

Bell hinted fans sometimes forget the Nebraska coaching staff are real people.

“They have a family. They have a wife and kids they take care of and put food on the table for," said Bell. "You want to take away their job because you can't watch your team win a championship? Give me a break. That's absurd.”

According to Bell, he has mostly stayed off Twitter and social media this season because of the negativity that can come from it.

“People don’t know, they have no idea what they are talking about. It’s funny,” said Bell. “(People who) post on their boards…are same people who come up and slap your hand, and ask you take a picture with their son."

Bell is an avid Denver Broncos fan, but says despite their struggles this week; he’s not posting tweeting at their players.

“Different strokes for different folks,” said Bell.

For the full audio of Kenny Bell, you can listen below:

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