Jaevon Walton talks trip to Nebraska

Nebraska signed Jaevon Walton in 2014 and he enrolled in the summer. Sometime during the summer though Walton returned home and didn’t return for the fall semester. Walton was in Lincoln this weekend discussing his status with the Nebraska coaching staff.

It’s been a while since the name Jaevon Walton has popped up for Nebraska fans. The 2014 signee for the Huskers was in Lincoln this summer and returned home before the start of the season. The New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr graduate was in Lincoln this weekend for an official visit.

“I thought that the visit was great,” Walton said. “I have a very nice time there this weekend.”

Walton says that there was a need to get back to Lincoln to talk to the team. Walton also wanted his time with the Nebraska staff. One of the hot topics with the staff was discussing Walton’s return to the team.

“I just wanted to get back and gel with the team. I wanted to talk with all of the coaches and I wanted to see about my status with coming back in January.”

Walton wasn’t willing to put a number on the likelihood that he would be back in January. He would say that it was highly likely. He thought that the visit went well and that he was really pending some paperwork.

“I should be O.K. to return in January. I thought the way that the visit went, I don’t want to put a percentage on it, but I think that it’s highly likely I am back in Lincoln.

“I am just trying to be humble about this. I want to be back in Lincoln. There was some paperwork that we had to get to and I think that if that goes well that I will be back for the spring.”

A year later and Walton still thinks that he can fit in with the Nebraska defense. That was something that he spoke about with the head coach this weekend.

“I definitely can still see myself in their defense. I was talking about it with Coach Bo Pelini about how I could contribute and the role that I could play with this defense.”

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