Huskers on top for Jared Pinkney

The Nebraska offense is without that 6-foot-3+ wide receiver that could give the Huskers a better, bigger option in the red zone to go up and get the ball. Jared Pinkney took note and said that he would be a perfect fit.

Norcross (Ga.) wide receiver Jared Pinkney and his family set out on the long drive to Nebraska earlier this week. The 6-foot-5 and 225-pound Pinkney said that they got to Lincoln on Friday and had a lot of the day to see what Nebraska had to offer.

"We got up to Nebraska on Friday morning," Pinkney said. "We ate breakfast and met with the staff. Next we saw the facilities. Their facilities are great. We got to see the academic facilities and heard about their academic awards."

Nebraska had an early time slot on Saturday morning and there wasn't a lot of time to see things before the kickoff. Pinkney said that he was in the locker room, walked out of the tunnel and saw the crowd. His former teammate, A.J. Bush, couldn't describe the tunnel walk to Pinkney before he did it.

"We got a chance to go into the locker room, walked out onto the field through the tunnel and saw the crowd. The tunnel walk was crazy. A.J. had told me about it, but he said I had to see it myself. He was right."

Pinkney saw the need for a taller, true "X" receiver in the Nebraska offense. He noted a few passes that were high -- that Nebraska receivers either caught or nearly caught -- that to a taller player might have been more easily caught.

"They threw a couple of balls that were a little high that a taller guy like myself could have possibly caught. Their offense is a great fit for me. They run the same offense that we do in my high school."

The Huskers didn't come away with a win, but Pinkney was definitely impressed by everything that he saw. He gave the trip a perfect score and said that the people that assisted with the visit made the visit special to him and his family.

"The visit was phenomenal; it was a 10," Pinkney said. "Everyone there was so friendly and we really felt like part of the family. They all wanted to show us a great time."

While the visit was a perfect score for Pinkney he did not commit. He says that he will take all five official visits and that he will meet again with the Nebraska staff soon for an in-home visit. He also added that Nebraska is his top choice and will be tough to beat.

"I didn't commit, but Nebraska is my No. 1 school. I don't have any other visits set up. I will probably take all five. Nebraska said that they are going to set up an in-home visit soon. Nebraska is going to be tough to beat."

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