Pelini looks to keep focus on Iowa

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini looked to keep discussion focused on Iowa this week during his Monday morning press conference, but the state of the program was a constant focus.

LINCOLN, Neb. - For the first time since 2009, Nebraska will head into a conference matchup this week losers of two in a row.

What seems to be almost an annual tradition, questions regarding head coach Bo Pelini ‘s future and the state of the program dominated the head coach’s press conference on Monday afternoon.

“Can we talk about Iowa please,” said Pelini, a few minutes into his media session - cutting off a reporter who was about to ask if the seventh year head coach has received any feedback from the Nebraska administration.

“We have a short week. We have a long time after Friday to go into the what ifs. My focus has been on Iowa.”

The media obliged his request for about seven questions.

It was then when Pelini was asked what type of major changes he’s made over the years that he can hang his hat on and will give fans hope for the future.

“I have made a significant amount of changes, I’m not going to get into all of them, but I change every year,” said Pelini. “You look for different things to make you better. I understand the room for error isn’t that great.

“Anybody that thinks you stay the same all the time and there is no changes, that’s just asinine,” said Pelini. “There is a lot of things we have done different and continue to look to do different.”

Pelini continued.

“I’m looking to get over the hump and I turn over every stone,” said Pelini. “I know this and it’s one of the great things about being here, people aren’t going to be happy until you win them all. You know what, neither will I.”

If Pelini is given a vote of confidence within the next four to six weeks; the question will turn to who will return from his staff?

"Would I fire somebody to save my own job? No," Pelini said. "Would I fire somebody who I thought deserved firing? Yes."

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