Quotes: Nebraska beats Tenn. Martin

Nebraska head coach Tim Miles and Nebraska forward Walter Pitchford talked at the podium after the Huskers win on Friday night.

From Nebraska media relations department

Press Release:

Nebraska Coach Tim Miles

On Walter Pitchford:
“He’s really worked hard to get his rhythm shooting. I know Kenya Hunter worked with him, I worked with him, and Kenya saw that he was dropping the ball a little bit and got him to tighten up his release and his shooting pocket. Then we ran some stuff for him early too. I thought that was critical and we got him going.”

On offensive efficiency:
“It makes it hard for opponents, no doubt. We had a lot of good things going for a while offensively. I thought both teams looked a little tired. When you look at it, we got the lead then they just started draining the three’s. I really liked what we were doing for a long time on offense. We just still turn it over a little too much.”

On limiting opponents offensive rebounds:
“I think that was probably a season low for us. I wasn’t surprised they came back (in the second half), they’ve done that against Arkansas State. They were down 18, came back and won. I thought we did some really good things to build the lead to where it was.”

On Moses Abraham:
“He’s doing better and better. You can see his numbers have increased. When he comes in, it’s a significant difference with our defense.”

On playing Florida State Monday:
“They’re a physical team. They’re a really aggressive defensive team so I think it’s about being fresh. I like the matchup because it’s going to test how well we handle the ball and how we do against pressure. They’re really well coached. They have a great program. They’ll be ready to go. We love the Big Ten/ACC challenge.

Nebraska Forward Walter Pitchford

On how it felt to get a few to drop tonight:
“It really wasn’t any different. All the games that we have won have felt good so far. If the shot drops or not it is about the team. It’s us always. That’s where we are at.”

On whether he changed anything with his shot:
“Some nights they go in, some nights they don’t. I would have to say just putting a little extra time in at the gym and just making sure to concentrate more for the little things here and there just tweaking the little things. That’s about it though.”

On how big it was to see the first one go down:
“It was nice. Everybody always says you shoot the first three. I’m proving them right again. It was a good feeling, obviously. I don’t know how many shots I missed, I don’t concentrate on that. I came in to this game today just to contribute for the team and to this victory. It was great.”

On the three being more open tonight:
“We moved the ball really well. The shots that I got my teammates were wide open and they passed up the shot to pass it to me. They were just trying to get me going and I appreciate them. I love those guys.”

On how much better Nebraska is when they’re hitting threes:
“It’s another offensive weapon for us. I feel like I am back and ready to contribute. It’s hard for teams, you saw it last year.”

On what he is expecting from the Florida State game:
“It’s a tough, physical team. They are going to be ready, and we are going to be ready.

On the focus put on offensive rebounding:
“A great deal. You have got to love it. That’s one thing we are working on. You can’t just teach it, it has to be a love inside of you. That’s the big thing at practices. We challenge each other just getting after each other’s heads for the boards because that’s the way we are going to get better for games.”

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