Svoboda: Reasons to be thankful for Bo Pelini

BRR contributor Matt Svoboda gives reason to be thankful during the Bo Pelini era.

Svoboda Speaks: Looking Positively Over The Pelini Era

Most of the time a coach is fired because they just had one or more terrible seasons. At top programs there are usually “dumpster fire” situations like at Michigan and Florida this year.

This is not the case with Nebraska, who fired Bo Pelini on Sunday morning.

Yet, Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst knows it wasn’t all bad.

“Coach Pelini served our University admirably for seven years and led our football programs transition to the Big Ten Conference,” said Eichorst in a statement. “We wish Coach Pelini and his wonderful family all the best and thank him for his dedicated service to the University.”

Whether or not you agree with the decision, there are things that every Husker fan can be thankful for when looking at Pelini’s tenure.

1.) The Huskers aren’t a dumpster fire, but they sure used to be. After a 5-7 season and a bad era under Bill Callahan, Pelini cleaned up the program and won 9 to 10 games each of his seven years. He final record was 67-27 at Nebraska.

2.) In an era of scandal, Pelini ran a very clean program. He is respected as an upstanding, ethical coach that doesn’t cut corners. This is nothing to be scoffed at this day and age. He brought a lot of Rex Burkhead type of players to his program.

3.) He valued the student-athlete more than most head coaches. The teams GPA was over a 3.0, which had been lost in the Callahan days. The players were very active in community activities. Most of the nation is now familiar with #TeamJack. They often mention how he made them better men, not just better players. You can’t put a price on that.

4.) While he had several embarrassing losses, he never had an embarrassing season. All season long Michigan has been drug through the mud and mocked. Their dumpster fire has been raging for months. Nebraska never got close to this point. Pelini was consistently good, just never great.

5.) As we can see by their reactions, his current and former players adore him. Pelini has his weaknesses, for sure, but his team knew he had their back and that he deeply cared for them. Few coaches love their players and look out for their well being more than coach Bo.

6.) He has been a pretty good recruiter, not great, but more importantly he has started making real inroads into the southeast. This could become very useful to the next coaching staff. The cupboard is not bare and there is a lot to work with.

7.) If it weren’t for Bo Pelini, we wouldn’t have @FauxPelini.

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