National recruiting reaction to Nebraska

How might Nebraska releasing Bo Pelini affect each recruiting region in the country? The national team examines.

While it wasn’t a complete shock locally to Nebraska fans, the news of Bo Pelini’s dismissal was a surprise to some across the country.

The immediate question that was asked, “how do you fire somebody who has won at least nine games a year?”

Big Red Report has reached out to the unmatched national recruiting to get their thoughts on the decision and how it might affect Nebraska’s recruiting efforts going forward.


Brandon Huffman – West Coast

Eric Lee – Neb. ’15 commit

Twitter - @BrandonHuffman

“What will be interesting to see with the news that Bo Pelini is fired is how much noise Nebraska will make out West, both with the remaining time in the 2015 class and in the future.

They have two commitments from the West, a pair of Colorado four-stars, but haven¹t gained much traction in California this year like in year’s past.

Bo Pelini, Bill Callahan, Frank Solich and Tom Osborne always mined the West Coast, and some of the best players to play for the Huskers came from out West.

So will a new coach continue that? They¹re trying with quarterback Sheriron Jones, who’s committed to Florida, undergoing a coaching search of their own, but does a new coach with a new system keep trying with him?

That will be one of the more fascinating things to watch, as the Huskers have long had a presence out West, despite some coaches who weren’t necessarily West Coast guys.”

Allen Trieu - Midwest

John Raridon - '16 Neb. commit

Twitter - @AllenTrieu

Whenever there's a chance, recruiting steps backwards, then moves forward again when a new class gets signed. Look at Penn State last year, O'Brien leaves, recruiting goes backwards for a bit, kids decommit, look around, then Franklin gets hired and kids start committing again. That's what Nebraska should expect.

Of course it's chaos right now, but if they move swiftly and the new coach comes in and hits the road right away, then they should be fine. It will be interesting to see how they recruit the Midwest going forward and what kind of Midwest ties the new staff will have.

The previous staff did well in Ohio and had started to make good in-roads in other states like Illinois. I think a big piece for the new staff will be keeping their outstanding start to the 2016 class together. Those kids likely won't jump ship as quickly as the seniors, so there will be plenty of time for the juniors to wait and see what happens.”

Greg Powers - Midlands

Carlos Davis - '15 Neb. commit

Twitter - @GregPowers79

“It’s a bit of a shocker that Pelini was let go and I am sure that the recruits feel the same way, so it may be a day or two before some of their true feelings are assessed, but I feel like as far as recruiting goes that Nebraska is so diversified nationally that you will not see much of a change in quality of recruit no matter what direction the administration decides to go moving forward.

Timing is always key in these situations and the sooner a hire is made the better for the state of the 2015 class, so that the new staff/coach can host as many recruits as possible on official visits heading in to signing day.

“The focus hasn’t always been on Texas when it comes to recruiting, but I think it will be as equal of importance for a new staff as states such as California and Ohio.”

Chad Simmons – Southeast

Kendall Bussey - '15 Neb. prospect

Twitter - @ChadSimmons_

"They have obviously had good success pulling nice players out of the Southeast, in years past and this year. Guys like Kendall Bussey and Murko Jurkovic, who have now since decommitted. I think more than more than anything it puts guys in wait and see mode. Nebraska is still Nebraska. Pelini was the head of the program, but the program has always recruited the South. I think it's the richest area in the country talent wise and there is a large pool to draw from.

Nebraska will still have success. It might not be in this class now, because the current relationships are broken, but it will pick back up in the future. Kids now, whether they are juniors or seniors, are going to wait and see. Nebraska is still a top tier program and has a rich history. It make take a recruiting cycle, for kids to see the style of offense and defense, but it will pick back up."

Brian Dohn – East

Saleem Brightwell - '15 Neb. prospect

Twitter - @BrianDohnScout

Nebraska better hit a home run with it's next hire. To fire a guy coming off a nine-win season will make it tough on the next coach. I can already hear recruits being told by other programs there is no way the Nebraska coach will be there during the player's career because they fire guys for winning mine games.

Forget what happens internally because recruits and their parents won't understand that, nor will they take much time to learn about it.

Nebraska hasn’t had a huge footprint in the northeast, but they always have done a good job recruiting the region. It’s definitely perplexing to some here why Pelini is no longer the coach.”

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