Why Scott Frost is right for Nebraska

There are a number of reasons to consider Scott Frost the best candidate for the head coaching vacancy at Nebraska. What makes Scott Frost right for Nebraska?

Ask any Nebraska fan who they want for their head coach and you are likely to get a strong opinion - likely two or three scenarios and one or two guys they wouldn’t like.

One of the names that has been thrown around quite a bit already is Oregon offensive coordinator, and former Nebraska quarterback, Scott Frost.

Nebraska fans don’t need a refresher course on who Scott Frost is. They remember his leadership. They remember a kid who came home to Nebraska to play quarterback for Tom Osborne. The Gatorade Circle of Champions Nebraska Player-of-the-Year and Parade All-American. The speech at Tom Osborne’s retirement press conference and his touchdown run in the National Championship game.

Frost is now the offensive coordinator at Oregon – a top four team in the college football playoff picture – and the play-caller of one of the most high output offenses in the nation. Between the offensive mind and what Frost has meant to Nebraska is reason enough to suggest his return home.

But I will go one further. Regardless of how the fans of Nebraska felt about Bo Pelini being fired, there was an overwhelming sentiment from the current players on the team. They were upset.

Upset may be putting it mildly. They had lost a person who to many was of the biggest reasons they even came to Nebraska. What’s more, some considered Pelini to be the best coach that they have ever had in their lives.

That’s tough.

Many buy into what a coach is saying to leave home, move hundreds of miles away and come to school. Parents entrusted their child to Pelini when they signed on the dotted line of the letter of intent.

There are obvious obstacles that stand in front of any person that is brought in to be the next head coach at Nebraska. One of the biggest though might be getting the team to believe that they are the right man for the job.

This is why Scott Frost is right for Nebraska. If there is anyone on the coaching hot board who makes sense here it’s Frost. Frost can get the in-state kids back immediately and then you count on some propagation.

There is respect there from the out-of-state players for the in-state players who tell them about growing up in Nebraska – particularly from the walk-ons – and how many of them would have crawled from the panhandle of Western Nebraska to be a Husker.

When even the most casual college football fan hears those types of stories it gets the pulse raising a little bit. The passion that is there.

If there is a person that can talk passion about the University of Nebraska on the current hot board, it’s surely Scott Frost.

There are challenges though that stand in his way. The biggest to some is the lack of head coaching experience – and possibly breadth of his coaching experience as a whole – but I am not hung up there.

To me, the biggest obstacle might be the possibility that Frost doesn’t have the best coaching network based on a relative lack of experience. It’s definitely a hang up. Yes, it’s likely that someone in Frost’s network has access to many coaches. It’s possible that they can get in contact through a third party.

But even if that is the case ask yourself this: how can you convince the best possible assistant coaches to come and play for a first year head coach that you really don’t know about?

It’s at the very least a leap of faith. There is a lot of potential, but with some risk.

What might be the best possible thing to have happen is for a more seasoned candidate to get the head coaching position at Nebraska and agree to approach Frost about coming back to Nebraska about a coordinator/assistant coaching position similar to what he is doing in Eugene.

Ducks fans wouldn’t consider that a promotion and would question why he would make that move. Heck, it’s not even a lateral when you consider the current landscape of college football.

This is about bigger picture though. This is about becoming the head coach at Nebraska eventually. Coming home to the university that he led to a National Championship as a player to bring one back to Lincoln now as a coach.

Somehow, some way out of all of this Frost needs to end up back in Nebraska. It is the right thing for the Huskers. It's the right thing for him.

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