Three guys Nebraska might not look at, but should national recruiting and college football expert Brandon Huffman examines three guys Nebraska might not look at, but should.

If one thing is clear about Nebraska's opening for a head football coach, it's this - nobody knows what athletic director Shawn Eichorst is thinking.

On Monday, Big Red Report reached out to Brandon Huffman, a national recruiting analyst and college football expert. We asked Brandon, gives us three names that might not get a sniff at Nebraska, but should be considered. Three guys that might be able to really fit in.

Here is what Brandon came up with:

1- Scott Frost, Oregon offensive coordinator
He’s paid his dues as an assistant and has done time as an offensive coordinator. It also happens to be running one of the most explosive offenses college football has seen. He’s recruited nationally for Oregon, he¹s played at Nebraska, so he knows the landscape at Nebraska, but also knows how to recruit around the country. Much like Nebraska, Oregon doesn’t have a fertile recruiting ground to recruit from, so he knows the challenges. He embraces the Nebraska expectations and the passion, having played there. He’s got credibility nationally with recruits. He could very well win a national title as both a starting quarterback and as an offensive coordinator. There is only one thing left to do after that.

2- Kyle Whittingham, Utah head coach
Whittingham has done a terrific job at Utah, keeping the momentum that Urban Meyer built and putting together a perfect season of his own (and a thrashing of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl that year). This year, in his fourth year in the Pac-12 with the Utes, had them in contention for a division title as they made the jump from mid-major to Power Five school. Like Gary Andersen at Wisconsin (who was Wittingham’s defensive coordinator), he’s got West Coast recruiting ties, but also has spread his wings nationally (Utah recruits well in Florida and Texas). He¹s a defense first guy, but has good offenses too while at Utah. With the Pac-12 South having USC, UCLA and Arizona State, plus a rising Arizona, the division is tough, but he beat the two Los Angeles schools this year, in what were supposed to be talented teams. A change of scenery, too, may be good for him.

3- Matt Wells, Utah State head coach
Speaking of Andersen, Wells has taken over the Aggies program and sustained it, if not taken it up another notch, notable when you consider the quarterback injuries they’ve suffered. They’ve recruited very well, both nationally and regionally, impressive for a Utah State team that has always been an afterthought not just in their conference, but in their own state after Utah and BYU. He’s spent some time in the Midwest too, coaching at Tulsa for five years, so he knows that part of the country. He’s a rising star in the coaching profession and more importantly, has head coaching experience.

Of the guys on the list, the only name getting much traction in Lincoln is Frost, who BRR's Bryan Munson feels would be a perfect fit.

That said, just because a guy isn't being mentioned now, doesn't mean he won't be in the future or come out of left field. Nebraska basketball head coach Tim Miles got about 12 hours of play on websites and social media before his hire - it sure seemed to turn out well for the Huskers.

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