Gilster: Comparing the 9-win firings

BRR magazine editor Shane Gilster reflects on the last time Nebraska fired a 9-win coach and how it's different this time around.

There is a comparison between the Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini’s firing and the one of Frank Solich in 2003. Both were canned after winning their last game on the road against a conference rival and winning a total of nine games during the season.

Also, Steve Pederson and Shawn Eichorst defended their firings with concerns of Nebraska not competing for championships. Neither Perderson with Solich or Eichorst with Pelini hired the coach.

But there is one main underlying difference between these two....

Solich had recently fired and hired new assistant coaches (Bo Pelini was in first season as defensive coordinator) and the team was improving after a dismal 7-7 season the year before.

Pelini didn't make wholesale staff changes and was adamant about being loyal to his coaches and defensive philosophy. There didn't seem there was going to be any changes to make improvements to the team.

*** Josh Harvey posted this story ***

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