Is the right fit Joe Moglia for Nebraska?

There aren’t a lot of people throwing around the name “Joe Moglia” when it comes to the head coaching search at Nebraska. They should give the name some more consideration.

Many around the nation when they see a Nebraska coaching hot board read the name of ‘Joe Moglia’. The typical reaction is ‘who?’ That’s probably just how Joe wants it, but it’s really on those that don’t know to understand who Moglia is.

Yes, Joe Moglia is a collegiate head coach and by the way he’s a very good one. The 65-year old head coach of Coastal Carolina is actually 31-9 over the past three seasons and has tied for finishing first in all of them. The three years before Moglia got there the Chanticleers were 18-16.

Before Moglia arrived in Conway, S.C. he was actually the head coach of the Omaha Nighthawks and before that he was in Lincoln as an unpaid voluntary assistant coach/mentor from 2009-10.

Then there was a lull. People that really don’t know who Joe Moglia is don’t know that he is the former CEO and current Chairman of TD Ameritrade which is the most popular online brokerage firm. There are reports that estimate his net worth that range from $24M to $150M even into the billions.

Before Ameritrade though, Moglia was a college defensive coordinator for six seasons – three a piece – at Lafayette and Dartmouth which followed time coaching high school football.

Really, what Moglia did before Ameritrade means pretty little. Realistically how much money he’s earned and makes from Ameritrade means about the same - beyond the possibility of being able to possibly cut a school a Michael Bloomberg/Mayor of New York City type of deal.

It’s how Moglia has so quickly re-acclimated himself back into the game and jumped right back into being a head coach after being out of coaching, with the exception of his time in Lincoln, and how he’s done things. He’s done it not just on the field but as a CEO overseeing everything.

One of the major knocks against Bo Pelini by many has been how gruff he was on the sidelines, with the media and how short he was with his answers. Do yourself a favor when it comes to Moglia - go queue up a YouTube video and listen to Moglia speak about his Coastal Carolina team.

Now that’s professional.

There are definitely some things that are standing in the way here. First, Moglia’s age. This wouldn’t be a long term decision for Nebraska to make to offer Moglia a coaching contract even if they were getting it for pennies on the dollar versus another candidate.

Two, from the Omaha Nighthawks to Coastal Carolina all the way to Nebraska; it’s a huge jump. People note the lack of head coaching experience that a candidate like Scott Frost has. Does 17 years as the CEO at TD Ameritrade as well as the last four years between the Omaha Nighthawks and Coastal Carolina really satisfy the experience requirement?

Three, this dovetails back into number one and that is from multiple sources I have spoken to about Moglia, he’s completely happy at Coastal Carolina. There is something to be said about when coaching is just a passion and you aren’t dependent upon a paycheck.

Maybe there isn’t any desire to leave? Maybe, Nebraska is an opportunity that he never thought he would get, but at the same time – just like some say about Frost – can’t consider in good conscience because they know that they aren’t the right man for the job (even if it is temporary when it comes to Frost).

I have also understood from my sources that Moglia has dumped his own money back into the facilities at Coastal Carolina indicating a commitment to them, the team and the school. That could be a tough hurdle for Nebraska to clear if they were serious about Moglia.

There is one scenario though that many including myself keep coming back to when you bring up a candidate like Moglia, Jim Tressel or David Cutcliffe and that is they could come to Nebraska for a period of time.

All are 60 or more years old. Is it possible that coming to Nebraska for three to five or possibly more years could be considered by someone like those aforementioned candidates if it was agreed to that Frost would come to Lincoln to be their offensive coordinator?

Think about part of Moglia’s title while in Lincoln: mentor. Could he be interested in being the mentor for his replacement, to show him the ropes, help him develop his network and then allow him to succeed him at Nebraska?

Moglia sounds like a good coach and a better man. He definitely seems like he could be one that might be open to the idea.

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