Initial reaction: So who is Mike Riley? National analyst Brandon Huffman weighed in on Nebraska's hiring of Mike Riley.

So who is new Nebraska head football coach Mike Riley? national recruiting analyst and football expert Brandon Huffman, a life long west coast guy, weighed in on the hire.

* Talk about the exact opposite of head coach Bo Pelini, if that’s the route you wanted to go. He wins a press conference and boosters will love him.

* His practices in the past have been open to not only the media, but the public as well.

* He has an offense that when it’s cranking, it puts up a lot of points.

* He could recruit to a difficult place in Corvallis, so recruiting to Lincoln shouldn’t be as tough. Oregon State had probably the second least amount to sell in the Pac 12.

* He was always in the shadow of Oregon, so recruiting the state will be a huge change.

* His offensive coordinator has only been with him one year, but the offense really sputtered this year. In previous years, he was scoring points.

* Riley has had really loyal assistant coaches. You haven’t seen many of his guys leave for other jobs.

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