Eric Lee supports the Nebraska A.D.'s choice

Eric Lee just met with an assistant coach from Nebraska last night to get answers. Now Lee has three questions for the new head coach of Nebraska.

Eric Lee had a sit down meeting with fellow commitment Avery Anderson with the defensive backs position coach from Nebraska, Charlton Warren. There weren't a lot of absolutes that could be discussed since there wasn't a head coach. The Huskers got their head coach today.

"I was a little shocked," Lee said of the timing of it all. "It wasn't a name that I was necessarily expecting or that anyone was reporting. I watched a couple of clips on him and he seems like a great man."

Lee is just weeks away from packing up and moving to Lincoln to start the college life. He is registered to begin classes in Lincoln in January and go through spring practices. It's very important for him to meet with Coach Riley as soon as possible.

"I want to see if Coach Warren will be retained on his staff or no. I want to ask him who the defensive coordinator is going to be and I also want to know what type of defense they will be running."

Many Nebraska fans are pointing at the win-loss record of Riley and wondering if they "got their man" or not. Lee isn't sure that Lincoln and Corvallis is an apples to apples comparison and isn't getting hung up on it.

"It could have been the resources or the difficulty to recruit," Lee said. "I really don't know. The Nebraska athletic director thinks that this the guy that can get us to where was want to go and I am in full support of him.

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