Mike Riley meets his new players (w/video)

New Nebraska head coach Mike Riley met with his players for the first time on Thursday night. Big Red Report was on hand.

LINCOLN, Neb. - On Thursday night, Lincoln had it’s own little TMZ like party.

Nebraska media and fans flocked to the stadium to get the first glimpse of new head football coach Mike Riley. After his plane was delayed for nearly a half-an-hour, the former Oregon State head coach met with his new players for the first time.

The meeting lasted about 20 to 30 minutes and most players didn’t talk afterwards with the media, choosing “no comment.” But, a few did and can be seen in this video.

One player that didn’t comment on camera, but did answer a question of Big Red Report’s was wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp. We asked the sophomore if Riley’s offense looked fun as a receiver?

“It look great, but we aren’t focused on that right now, we are focused on getting ready for the bowl game,” said Westerkamp. “We still have business.”

It’s worth nothing that Westerkamp had quarterback and roommate Tommy Armstrong by his side as they walked out.

BRR also asked Jamal Turner how rehab was going after tearing his Achilles earlier this season.

”Good,” replied Turner. “I just started jumping today, so I will start running in a few weeks….I will be back before spring. I have to be back before spring. I have to impress these coaches.”

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