Riley hasn't thought about the "R" word

When Mike Riley was hired, his age immediately was brought up. Is it s a big deal? Shawn Eichorst doesn't think so.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Apparently new Nebraska head football coach Mike Riley hasn’t thought about the “R” word. He might be 61-years old, but the head coach was smiling about the subject when brought up in a question to athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Friday morning.

The question that got the response:

“It’s always surprising when somebody says I’m 61,” Riley told the pool of mostly beat reporters after the press conference. “It doesn’t quite connect with me. Shawn is right, I have never felt like an end game retirement. Dee (wife) and I have never discussed it. I feel great for coaching for hopefully many more years.”

When asked if 60 was the new 40?

“I hope so,” said Riley.

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