Nebraska will give Mike Riley the resources

Working with a 5-year/$2.7 million dollar annual salary, the head coach gets a major bump in pay and will have a sizable assistant coach pool. He will also see a major bump in his recruiting budget.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Head coach Mike Riley will begin his career at Nebraska with a 5-year, $2.7 million dollar annual salary, that will go up $100,000 a year after each season. The deal is roughly a $1.3 million increase from his salary at Oregon State. It is believed Riley’s assistant pool will be almost much bigger in Lincoln.

A lot has been made the first 24-hours of the Riley era about resources and the amount Riley will have to work with at Nebraska compared to his previous home.

It prompted Big Red Report to ask a question on Friday – would Riley have resources that former head coach Bo Pelini didn’t? Sometimes an outside perspective can be a good thing. Maybe the incoming coach saw a need during the hiring process that would help Nebraska in the future.

"No," said Eichorst when we asked him if Riley asked for anything or was concerned about any resources already put in place.

We then asked Eichorst if during the review of the program, if he felt there was anything resource wise that needed to be added or beefed up to help an incoming head coach.

"I think what we want to do is take a deep breath, sit down more with Mike, have him get more familiar with what we are doing here,” said Eichorst. "He’s got to obviously go quick and try to get some recruiting done. When that dust settles, I think we will sit down strategically, and look at where we are at and possibly where he might want to go and make adjustments accordingly. At this point, we are just taking a deep breath and I think that will serve us well."

Over the last year, Eichorst and Nebraska added a resource in more recruiting support for the Husker coaching staff, adding six positions according to the Associated Press. The move drew praises from former head coach Bo Pelini on multiple occasions.

“I think Mike knows the general resource base of Nebraska,” said Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman. “He was, Shawn told me this, very concerned about the resources that he would have to assemble a staff. Shawn has made the commitment we will provide the resources necessary to assemble a really great football staff for our student athletes."

The staff should start to take shape as early as Friday night and throughout the weekend.

“I think that resource-wise I tend to be one of those guys that looks at the bright side,” said Riley during his press conference. “So what you have you enhance, and what you don’t have you try to make better. So it’s not really comparing or contrasting because that’s not important to me.”

Nebraska's recruiting budget topped $1.2 million alone in 2014 according to the Associated Press - the most of any team in the Big Ten.

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