Avery Anderson comments about new Nebraska HC

Avery Anderson is one of the only 2015 commits to talk face to face with a Nebraska assistant coach since Bo Pelini was fired. Now, Anderson gives his thoughts about the new head coach at Nebraska.

Just a couple of days ago Avery Anderson was going to meet with fellow Nebraska commit Eric Lee and defensive backs coach Charlton Warren. There wasn't a lot that could be discussed. There was a list of names being publicly thrown around about who could be the next head coach, but they were all just guesses.

What's more is that Anderson was talking with a coach that wasn't sure if he had a job with the new staff. The big picture was that Anderson -- weeks away from enrolling in college at Nebraska -- might be without that gateway that he thought he was going to have back in February.

Anderson has gone a little quiet since the news broke about Mike Riley being named the head coach. This morning though he gave BigRedReport.com a brief statement about his current situation and his thoughts on Nebraska.

"Lots going on right now," Anderson said, "for everyone involved. But, I've heard great things about the new coach and look forward to visiting with him and the staff.

"For now, I'm laying low, focusing on school and am eager to learn more about what lies ahead."

Anderson, along with Lee, are both set to enroll at Nebraska in just a few short weeks. The pair of four-star defensive backs will be able to participate in spring practices as well.

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