Eric Lee meets Nebraska's new head coach

One of the longest standing commitments to Nebraska is now planning on making visits. Read about his visit with the new head coach and details about the upcoming visits inside...

Eric Lee from Highlands Ranch (Colo.) Valor Christian got a chance to host the new head coach for Nebraska this evening for an in-home visit. Lee said that he liked Mike Riley and had some tough questions for him about his staff.

"I like Coach Riley a lot," Lee said. "He's a down to Earth guy. He's a Christian which I really respect and like about him.

"We talked about Coach Charlton Warren and he said he wasn't sure how he was going to fill the rest of his staff. We wants to hire people that have the right vision for his players and the right fit for the Husker community."

As of right now Lee says that he's still planning on being in Lincoln in about a month. He asked the new head coach about programs for students that enroll early among other things.

"Everything is still a go for me to enroll early at Nebraska. I asked him about programs for early enrollers, but he wasn't sure. He said that he would find out from the academic people and let me know."

Lee and his family let Coach Riley know what his status is with Nebraska. There will be trips to other schools with one last one at Nebraska at the end of the tour. Lee isn't sure which schools or how many he will visit.

"We told him that we were still currently committed, but there are some school that I want to visit," Lee said. "Nebraska will get the last visit on that tour of the schools. I am not sure how many schools or which schools I will visit. I'd rather leave those schools unnamed."

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