Update: Jalin Barnett set to visit Nebraska

Update: Jalin Barnett is a player that Nebraska is benefitting with by having members of the Oregon State staff now in Lincoln. Barnett was rumored to be set to see Nebraska this weekend for an official visit -is he?

Nebraska could be hosting one of the best offensive guards in the nation this weekend. Jalin Barnett from Lawton (Okla.) is a four-star recruit and is the No. 6 offensive guard in the nation according to Scout.com. Barnett was set to visit Lincoln, but a concern has thrown a wrench into the plans.

“Yes sir he was all set to go until about 30 minutes ago,” Lawton Head Coach Randy Breeze said. “His grandmother didn’t like the idea of him flying all that way by himself and we are currently working on a plan to drive up to Nebraska. Lawton is about 100 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, so it’s about an eight hour drive.”

It’s a doable drive and Coach Breeze says that he’s taken the trip before. Two of his players are two of the better players at their respective positions to take the field at Nebraska. One of those two former players actually has a son playing a sport in Lincoln now.

”I have been to Nebraska before. I have been there a number of times. I had two of my players go to Nebraska. Heard of Will Shields or Mike Minter? They were both my players. I know Will’s son Shavon Shields is at Nebraska now playing basketball. It’s amazing. I haven’t seen him since he was three.”

There has been an ability by the Oregon State staff to be able to dip into Oklahoma and get players to come to Corvallis. Coach Breeze said that two of his former players are on the current roster at Oregon State and that he’s known the new Nebraska offensive line coach for years.

”Coach Mike Cavanaugh is actually in Florida and was supposed to come to Lawton, but I think that he’s headed to Oregon now instead. I have two other of my players on the Oregon State roster and I have known Coach Cavanaugh for years.”

Barnett may or may not be making the trip to Nebraska now this weekend. This is definitely something that Barnett’s family and coach are trying to work through at the moment.

”This is something that we are trying to work out at this moment,” Coach Breeze said. “I am thinking that we will have things sorted out sometime early tomorrow morning at the latest.”

UPDATE 9 p.m. Thursday:

Text messages to Barnett have been returned and the senior will be coming to Lincoln this weekend after figuring out the ride situation.

*** Josh Harvey contributed to this report ***

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