How many can Nebraska take?

With 14 committed players, how many can Nebraska take in the moment? We examine.

Since taking over as publisher at Big Red Report in May of 2011, the No. 1 question I get on the board – “how many guys can we take in this class?”

With that in mind…

Currently Nebraska has 14 players committed in the 2015 class. Now obviously that could go up or down in a hurry, but it’s what Nebraska has to work with in this moment.

For the complete commit list: CLICK HERE

Now a look at the number of players on scholarship by class:

Fr – 19

RFr. – 9

So. – 20

Jr. – 21

Sr. – 10

Total - 79/85

Now let’s pretend Randy Gregory leaves for the NFL, like many people feel he will do. That puts the number at 78. Meaning they have seven open scholarships.

Big Ten rules allow teams to over-sign by three players.

Without any future attrition by the semester, the Nebraska coaches can take three to six more players and still be okay. Six more would get them to 20.

Other factors to consider when looking at the size of the class are:

1.) What will happen with 2014 signee Jaevon Walton? The linebacker by all accounts was planning on coming back at semester. To our knowledge, he has yet to receive a call from the new Nebraska staff, yet one of his teammates committed this week.

2.) Former defensive end Avery Moss, who was banned from campus for a year, was looking to get back on the team in January.

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