Report: Pelini rips Nebraska AD to players

On Wednesday, Nebraska issued a statement in regards to Bo Pelini's last conversation with his team,

On Wednesday, the Omaha World Herald published a transcript of former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini's last meeting with his team. Later in the day, they released the actual audio.


During the meeting, Pelini held nothing back, choosing to voice his thoughts on his relationship with athletic director Shawn Eichorst. Repeatedly, Pelini used vulgar language going as far as to call Eichorst a p----, a c---, and f------ lawyer.

Shortly after the Omaha World Herald published their story, the University responded with a very carefully worded statement in regards to the Pelini tirade.

"The University of Nebraska is in receipt of what appears to be a transcript of remarks delivered by former football coach Bo Pelini. These remarks to student-athletes were allegedly made during a non-official team meeting at a local high school, held two days after his termination. At this time, the University cannot authenticate the transcript nor do we have an audio version of the remarks.

If these comments were, indeed, spoken by Mr. Pelini, we are extremely disappointed, but it only reaffirms the decision that he should no longer be a leader of young men at Nebraska. His habitual use of inappropriate language, and his personal and professional attacks on administrators, are antithetical to the values of our university. His behavior is consistent with a pattern of unprofessional, disrespectful behavior directed by Mr. Pelini toward the passionate fans of Nebraska, employees of the university and, most concerning, our student-athletes. This behavior is not tolerated at the University of Nebraska and, among many other concerns, played a role in his dismissal.

Any assertions that the campus or athletics administration was not supportive of our student-athletes and our football program are flat-out false and are contradicted by the facts.

We are grateful that the new leadership in our football program is aligned with our values and will establish that you can be successful at Nebraska and that you can do it with integrity and class."

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