Under the Christmas tree

Christmas is only two days away and Big Red Report examines what Nebraska might be asking for from Santa.

Show well against USC:

Interim head coach Barney Cotton will be leading the Huskers against USC in the bowl game. Nebraska may not have a lot to lose with the game given the circumstances around the coaching transition, but there is a lot to gain. Nebraska will definitely be more active in California as a result of bringing in Mike Riley as their head coach. While Nebraska doesn’t compete a lot of times head-to-head for the same players USC is interested in, there is definitely the angle of the players from California that want a Trojan offer and can’t get one. It leaves the door completely open for a team to have an impact and leave an impression.

Seal up defensive line recruits:

People want to hear the latest with Carlos Davis, Khalil Davis and DaiShon Neal over this dead period. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a lot of anything to report. This is a great time for the recruits to really soak up where they are in the process, what is going on with the school they are committed to,ƒ& and determine if they want to take additional visits. There is definitely good reason to believe that Nebraska can hang on to all three of these commits. There is also a shadow of doubt as to why they can’t as well. It would surprise me if the Davis twins took visits and Neal didn’t. I think that the Huskers have their work cut out for them with Neal after the in-home with Oregon and also drawing a little from his father decommitting from Nebraska out of high school.

Jalin Barnett:

Do I think that getting an offensive guard in the class is 100 percent necessary? No. Do I think that not taking a player like Barnett because of that reason is completely foolish? Absolutely. Let’s be clear here folks, Barnett is a stud. He’s the kind of kid that once other recruits saw him in the class it could help bring in others or solidify those that are thinking about looking around. And it’s not because Barnett is going to be the recruiting coordinator and contact these guys. He likely won’t. But it’s a lot like the guy in the weight room that is grunting, repping out 225-pounds and the other guy in the corner repping 315-pounds that doesn’t need a lift off or a spot. It speaks for itself.

Matt Snyder:

I didn’t think that I would say this before, but I am becoming more and more intrigued by what a player like Snyder could bring to this class and more importantly to this offense. Simply put, Nebraska just doesn’t have a guy like Snyder on the roster. The closest is Cethan Carter. Carter has definitely been thrown to the wolves some – played as a true freshman – and I am just not sure where he is at developmentally or if he’s as polished as Snyder is as a route runner. I think that Snyder has to work on his blocking, but that isn’t a stopping point. I really think that by having an option like Snyder in the routes really opens things up to other receivers and vice versa. You have to appreciate the value that a player like Snyder would bring to the play action pass as well.

Round out the staff with some names:

Some Nebraska fans have gone back to Shawn Eichorst’s announcement of having resources and then scratched their heads with the current staff. Personally, I am looking forward to what the core of what Riley had while in Corvalis can do with some better facilities behind them and better circumstances as a whole to work with. There is definitely a need though to get someone with a name to do either offensive coordinator or both coordinator and one of the remaining position duties on the offensive side of the football. The fact that someone hasn’t been named has many thinking that this will be a hire that comes from the NFL which will definitely carry with it some value to high school recruits.

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