Michael Decker talks recruiting status

Michael Decker considers himself a Nebraska commit. However, he says that he doesn't have the options that some of the other future Huskers have to take a look around.

Michael Decker from Omaha (Nebr.) North is wrapping up his holiday break. The 6-foot-4 and 280-pound offensive lineman, who is rated a three-star recruit and the No. 6 center in the nation, says his high school career ended the way he hoped it would.

”My senior season ended the way that it was supposed to,” Decker said, “with a championship. It all played out like we wanted to play Prep. The second game wasn’t as close as the first. I am really happy with the how my high school football career ended.”

Decker typically wraps up his football season to start his wrestling season. Not this year though. Decker felt the need to get healthy after injuring himself late in the football season.

”No, not this year. I really needed to take some time off to just get healthy. I tweaked my knee in the playoffs and really needed to recover. I need to get my body right before going on to college.”

Decker was the first in-state player offered for the 2015 class. Not only was it Nebraska's first offer to an in-state junior, but it was the first offer for Decker. That stands out to Decker when it comes to talking about Bo Pelini.

”I am not sure how to feel about Bo being fired. He gave me my first chance and offered me the first out of all of the schools.”

Decker has had a chance to meet with one of the new members of the Nebraska staff last month. He met with his new position coach and said that the visit went well.

”I have met with the new staff a couple of times. Coach Mike Cavanaugh came to my house to meet me before the dead period started. We had a good talk.

Before the Holiday vacation Decker headed to Lincoln to meet the new head coach. He couldn't help but acknowledge the awkwardness of the visit because of the new head coach and the fact that he wasn't recruited by him when he was at his old school.

”I went to Lincoln to meet Coach Mike Riley a couple of days before the start of vacation. It was awkward. I was recruited by Bo and not by Oregon State.”

Decker doesn't have the options that a lot of the other recruits that are looking around. Of one came along though he may be open to taking a look at it. He admits that the Huskers are still at the top though.

”I mean, I don’t have 15 offers like some other people,” Decker said. “I am still committed to Nebraska and they are by far my number one choice.”

The odds are Decker remains and Husker and starts his college career in June. He admits that there are some things that scare and excite him about going to school. He carries a 3.8 to 3.9 GPA, but is still sorting out what his major will be in college.

”It’s going to be different not living at home,” Decker said with a chuckle. “I am excited about that. I don’t have a major picked out, but I have some ideas about what interests me. I just need to get there and figure all of that out.”

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