Nebraska vs Iowa post: Tim Miles quotes

Nebraska dropped their second straight Big Ten game on Monday night.

From Nebraska media relations department

Press Release:

Opening Statement:
“I thought the game came down to the last four possessions in the second half. Where we come down and Terran makes a three in transition and they come down and Uthoff hits a three in transition. We came down and scored then Clemmons hits a three late, they made eleven points in four possessions and in a low scoring battle like that it’s hard to overcome.”

Q: Does the frustration grow still missing your two centers and seeing the other team gets points inside?
“You’re in a conundrum with Iowa because you’ve got guys that can make threes. And Olaseni did a great job making his free throws for a peculiar looking free throw that thing does nothing but hit the bottom of the net.”

Q: Are you surprised that they didn’t try to go inside more in the second half?
“I thought we were pretty tough on the ball in the second half. We handled some of their actions well getting through some of their screens.”

Q: Terran was hurt in the first half would you like to shine some light on that?
“He had an extremely painful shin bruise and that certainly hurt his quickness. He played through a lot of pain, he toughed it out. He was hurt early within the first twelve minutes of the game.”

Q: How are you looking forward to the rest of the big ten schedule?
“ You got to love to compete. If you’re in this league you have to love to grind and love to compete. We are going to take tomorrow off and then travel tomorrow when we can. Then we’ll have a one day prep before Rutgers and they are really athletic and physical. We battled on the glass tonight but at the same time we are going to have to be ready for that game. I imagine it will be another one of those low scoring brawls and that’s the way we have to compete."

Q: You had to rely on young guys tonight like Tarin (Smith) and Nick (Fuller) how well do you think they responded?
“I thought Tarin did some really good things. He had one questionable decision on a shot and it was essentially a turnover in the first half. I think he did good job.”

Q: What is it that White does that gets them going so much?
“ I don’t know if I’ve seen a faster player before. They get him the ball at the top of the key and he’s at the baseline already. He gets fouled a lot in transition on the baseline and that’s just because he is so fast. I really think he is just deceptively fast.”

***Posted by Josh Harvey

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