The latest on Avery Moss

The former Nebraska defensive end is entering a pivotal time frame. What is the latest with Avery Moss?

It's getting to be that time where Avery Moss should find out his fate and if he can return to Nebraska and play football. The one-time starter has been suspended and has been waiting word to see if he can return.

"Nope, I am still waiting unfortunately," Moss said. "I have been waiting."

There is little doubt that Moss is hoping to get back to school and the team. "I really hope that I can come back. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."

Moss was a three-star defensive end out of Tempe (Ariz.) Cornoa Del Sol and the No. 73 rated defensive end in the nation. Moss appeared in 16 games at Nebraska and started in three. Moss received a medical hardship in 2012.

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