BIG MBB power rankings (1-10-15)

Is the Big Ten conference starting to take shape? BRR takes a look...

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League Ramblings:

* In what is already looking to be a disappointing season for the Big Ten, Maryland is a very welcomed, pleasant surprise. The Terrapins are playing very good basketball and can play with everyone in the conference. A former ACC power is fitting right in with Big Ten basketball.

* The Spartans didn’t get off to their normal start, but they look to be playing at a higher level again. They escaped Iowa this week and will get to take on Northwestern before heading to Maryland for a tough road game. Head coach Tom Izzo will be making sure his team improves as the season goes along.

* Nebraska finally got its first conference victory. The Cornhuskers hammered an awful Rutgers team at home on Thursday night. The defense started to click and it was the healthiest the team has been in weeks. It is tough to see them making the NCAA tournament at this point, but it wouldn’t surprise too many people to see them make another great conference run.

* The Hoosiers look to be a good team, but it isn’t clear what to expect from them. They got destroyed by 20 points at Michigan State, but have looked solid overall. We will know soon enough as they have Ohio State twice, Maryland, Illinois, and Penn State in their next five games.

Key matchups to watch this week:

Ohio State at Indiana

Illinois at Nebraska

Iowa and Minnesota

Nebraska at Wisconsin

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