Nebraska early enrollees hit campus

A total of four high school players have enrolled early at Nebraska.

As Husker fans closely watched the National Championship game on Monday night, a few Husker players were likely closely looking over their class syllabus.

Class of 2015 early-enrollees Eric Lee (defensive back), Avery Anderson (defensive back), Aaron Williams (defensive back), and Dedrick Young (linebacker) had their first day of school on Monday.

The prior two recruiting classes, Nebraska had three players join the program each year. Of the six, two were junior college players and one wasn’t even going to school.

Four high-school players enrolling early in one class - that’s new ground for Nebraska. Quite frankly - it’s good ground.

Watch all four players’ senior film from this past fall. It’s not hard seeing any of them in the Huskers’ two-deep in 2015 – especially after an extra 15 practices this spring.

Aaron Williams

“I tell you, we are going to roll the balls out in spring ball,” said Nebraska assistant Charlton Warren. “What an advantage for those guys to come in and lift, eat, get acclimated to the program and the playbook, then show us what they have in spring ball.”

Warren will specifically oversee the three defensive backs and has had plenty of time over the last year to set forth his expectations during the recruiting process.

“You will have every opportunity to play here and it will not be up to Coach Warren, it will be up to you guys,” said Warren, describing what he told the three. “Just because you are young, I could care less. If you come in, compete, and are the best player, that’s who plays. It will always be that way. They set the tone.”

Warren says he doesn’t expect the three to come in and know everything day one, but does expect intensity in practices. He expects them to compete everyday, not only on the practice field, but also in the classroom and weight room.

Dedrick Young

”I expect them to run around with their hair on fire and to make a bunch of plays,” said the secondary coach. “Let’s see what happens. In that meeting room those guys know the depth chart changes daily. Those who makes plays and do what we want on the field, those are the guys that are going to play on Saturdays.”

When it comes to Young, he will be coached by 32-year old linebackers coach Trent Bray. Bray looks for players who fly to the football and play fast. It appears the Arizona prep fits the mold.

“He will be given the opportunity,” said Bray, when asked if early-enrollee could make an impact in the fall. “That’s how we talked to him when we got the job. He will be given an opportunity to show what he can do. From there it’s on him.”

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