BRR Filmroom: Jalin Barnett

Nebraska fans should get prepared for the type of physical specimen that Jalin Barnett is. More than physical specimen Barnett shows good athleticism for a big man as well as a guy that doesn't rely solely on size and forget about technique.

You get lost in the accolades for Jalin Barnett – four-star, UA All-American, Top 300, etc. The fact of the matter is that Barnett is good. OK, not just good, but very good. A guy with his size and strength can typically play sloppy because they have those advantages. Not Barnett.

Film uploaded by Josh Harvey

Barnett lines up at right tackle in the senior highlights, but more than likely plays guard at the next level, but tackle is not a stretch by any means. Barnett is 6-foot-4 and 290-pounds and can move. With those feet you could see him at tackle. When you watch the film though you see the potential at guard.

Barnett is violent. He understands pad level. He is not a waist-bender and instead bends at the knee. He has a tremendous punch and typically against smaller defenders when he does punch he can de-cleat the opponent. What else is great about his technique is that his head and face are up and his hand placement is always in the framework of the defenders.

In run-blocking the defenders either get turned all the way out, are driven off of the ball five yards or end up flat on their backs. Barnett is definitely a road grader which supports the idea that he could move in.

On the other hand, Barnett has some film in pass protection that shows that he is capable of doing the job adequately out on the edge. Barnett has very good feet and moves great for a big man. However, it’s not what Barnett does the best and at the next level the opponents will be bigger and much faster.

All in all this was a key get for Nebraska for a number of reasons. There was a need for at least one more offensive lineman in the class. They got an excellent one if he is the last one. Barnett was a name that Nebraska fans didn’t know until Coaches Mike Riley and Mike Cavanaugh were in Lincoln.

Barnett was offered and committed to the Huskers in just about a month’s time under new coaching. Yes, the coaches recruiting Barnett were recruiting him at Oregon State and while at Oregon State had a great working relationship with the staff and players at Lawton.

This change of venue though helped the new staff do what they likely couldn't have done with Barnett if they were still at Corvallis because of the desire by the family to stay somewhat closer to home. It’s a GREAT sign of things to come.

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