The Danny Langsdorf QB traits

What does the Nebraska coordinator Danny Langsdorf look for in his singal-caller? He explains.

Nebraska appears to be out of the Joey Burrow sweepstakes, which means another quarterback on the roster will likely wait until next year’s recruiting class.

But what is new offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf looking for while out on the trail?

“We need a guy to most importantly be accurate,” said Langsdorf. “He needs to throw strikes, whether he’s got a rocket arm or average arm. If he can throw strikes, he’s got a chance.”

Langsdorf continued…

“He’s got to be smart. He’s going to be asked to do a lot,” said the coordinator. “He’s going to be asked to adjust. He’s got to be able to handle a lot of things – a smart player. Those are the biggest traits we are looking for.”

Talking with the Nebraska media for almost 45 minutes, Langsdorf was asked many times, in many different ways, is he more interested in a true-pocket passing quarterback or a dual-threat?

“We have had some success with pocket throwing quarterbacks, but having a quarterback who can run is exciting. It gives you another weapon,” said Langsdorf. “We have always needed a guy that could throw the ball, but to put a height/weight, they come in so many different shapes and sizes.

“They can be very different. I think if we can find an accurate thrower who also runs, that would be even better. Running is a bonus to me. To say ‘we need this guy to be these qualities’, is hard to do that.”

Langsdorf visited New Jersey on Friday according to the Huskers’ Paint the Nation red map. It’s very possible he was checking in on 2016 quarterback Jarett Guarantano.

Guarantano had an offer from the previous Nebraska coaching staff.

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