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Nebraska fans didn't know who Devine Ozigbo was prior to him being offered by the Nebraska staff right before he committed. Coach Charlton Warren did his homework finding a gem of a running back that wants to help propel Nebraska from good to great.

Nebraska fans were a little panicked when the running back commitment was lost after Bo Pelini was fired. A number of new offers were extended when the new staff was in place. Then a new name emerged, an Iowa State commitment, Devine Ozigbo felt strong enough about Nebraska to know that the school fired a head coach which averaged nine wins because they were looking for great.

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The Sachse (Texas) running back was an instant fan favorite because of his attitude. When Nebraska fans get a chance to see this runner on the field though they will likely like him for another reason because the Huskers and Charlton Warren found themselves a good one deep in the heart of Texas.

First off some geography. Sachse, pronounced SACK-see, is a suburb of Dallas to the northeast more specifically to the east of Garland and north of Rowlett. Sachse HS hasn't been around too long probably only since 2006 or 2007 and it's a school that is rapidly becoming a top producer of D-1 talent.

Ozigbo will help put Sachse even more on the map because the Huskers nabbed a good one. Ozigbo does a little bit of everything that you want to see in a running back -- run tough between the tackles, break tackles, turn the corner, catch the ball and run away from people. All of this and he is extremely well put together at 5-foot-11 and 230-pounds.

There are some plays where the athleticism stands out in his film like the hurdle of the would-be tackler. But, to me the play that really gets me was the screen pass reception, following his blockers and then being a bit of a pin ball bouncing off of defenders and scoring the touchdown. He shows great concentration, hands, vision on of course feet on that play.

Ozigbo has that lateral jump in the hole that Nebraska fans got used to seeing with Ameer Abdullah. Ozigbo has a gear that you wouldn't expect because of his build and density. This is most clear on the play up the gut where Ozigbo splits the two linebackers at the second level and runs right past the rest of the defense.

What seems a little difficult to figure out is the 4.73/40 time that Ozigbo recorded at the Nike combine in Dallas this past summer and the fact that he is rarely caught from behind? This is not because of competition level I can assure you that. It's clear that either it was a "slow track" that day or Ozigbo has better game speed than test speed.

The hidden value here for Nebraska is that Ozigbo wasn't over-used and ran into the ground as a high school running back averaging around 920 total rushing yards each of the last two years and caught 23 passes one season and 24 the other.

While Nebraska might have a full stable in Lincoln currently there is a need to replace one of the most talented and well-liked runners in Nebraska history. For that very reason alone the message to Ozigbo from Coach Mike Riley to come to Lincoln prepared is a great sign about how much the Nebraska staff thinks about his potential.

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