Will someone dethrone Tommy Armstrong?

Tommy Armstrong has 21 starts over the past two seasons. It will be hard for any challenger to overcome.

There will not be a position that creates more stoylines coming out of Nebraska spring practices than the quarterback spot.

Should it really be the case?

Albeit a little misleading, Armstrong is 16-5 as the Huskers’ starting quarterback over the past two seasons. A lot of starting experience that can’t exactly be duplicated on the practice field.

“Just because he was the starter, doesn’t mean a lot, but he has won a lot of games,” said Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf. “He looked exciting on TV.

“I want to be realistic with the fact that you have a guy who’s played a lot of games and won a lot of games…so I don’t’ want to anoint a starter. But at the same time, if we were going to start tomorrow, you would probably have him line up first. As I get to talk to him and know those guys, the quarterback position will be key…21 stars, that’s a lot of experience. That’s a good thing to have.”

Johnny Stanton

While third on the depth chart last season, many expect former California prep Johnny Stanton, entering his redshirt sophomore season, to push Armstrong for the job. Stanton received an offer from the Oregon State staff out of high school when Langsdorf was the Beavers offensive coordinator.

“I don’t know much about the depth behind,” said Langsdorf when talking about Armstrong. “I thought there were some things he did really well that we could build on.”

In addition to Stanton, former state champions A.J. Bush (Georgia) and Zack Darlington (Florida) are on the roster, with Grand Island product Ryker Fyfe.

Armstrong, who hasn’t talked with the media since the Huskers’ loss to USC in the Holiday Bowl, was asked about entering the spring with a new staff and new slate.

“You don’t know what to expect, but I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing,” said Armstrong.

A few days ago, Big Red Report featured quarterback traits Langsdorf likes in his guy.

While fans have gotten a very good look at Armstrong the last two years, they have only seen Johnny Stanton once.

It’s a few years old, but the video below was from when Big Red Report traveled to California.

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