Nebraska will look to play to strengths

How different might the offense look in 2015? Maybe not as much as some tend to think based off Danny Lansdorf's comments regarding playing to the Huskers' strengths.

While working together, both offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf and head coach Mike Riley have called the plays at various times. When Nebraska opens up with BYU on Sept. 5, it will be Langsdorf making the play-to-play decisions.

“Mike’s always been involved. He’s a great mind. He’s got great ideas. He’s wonderful to work with that way,” said Langdorf. “We will work closely together. We have talked about starting here, taking off with it from the get go. He will be a great asset to me.”

The process of learning about his team is in full-effect, but Langsdorf hasn’t even been on the job for a month. For him to project what the offense might entirely look like is a bit premature. He will need all the winter months and the spring to get an idea.

“We want to be able to run and pass, but we want to be able to adapt to the strength of the team,” said Langsdorf. “We are going to take a good hard look at what they have done well in the past, what we think they can do well going forward, and put it together that way. To say, we have a specific ‘this is exactly what we are going to do,’ it’s a little early to tell. We are going to be a balanced team – it will be important to us.

He continued…

“I think that takes a long time to build. If you come in and are very rigid, I don’t know if you are getting the best out of the players you have until you have a few recruiting classes built,” said Langsdorf. “We need to look at our roster and have a clean slate - play the best guy we think has a chance to win.”

Langsdorf has coached since 1996, making various stops around the country and in Canada. He’s never called plays in the Midwest. The coordinator was asked if he has thought about play-calling and how it might be affected in the conference.

“I know the history of the Big Ten is a running conference offensively,” said Langsdorf. “You are going to have a lot of cold, snowy, wet games that are important to win. You have to be able to run the ball to not really have the weather affect you.

“We don’t want to be predictable, we want to be multiple in a whole lot of things. Multiple formations. It will depend how fast we can get to that and how well we can throw the ball.”

Langsdorf says the staff won’t try to reinvent the wheel and are always evolving based off things done well in the past.

“We played with a quarterback at Oregon State that wasn’t going to break any land speed records running the ball,” said Langsdorf. “The fact that we have some kids who are pretty mobile, we will probably want to move the quarterback a little more.”

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