Terez Hall hosts Nebraska staff

Terez Hall hosted one of the Nebraska coaches this evening. He is also looking forward to the official visit to Lincoln in two weeks and thinks a lot about his offer from the Huskers.

Terez Hall from Lithonia (Ga.) King had a visitor today. One of the latest schools to offer the linebacker was in town to get a closer look. Hall came away with a good feeling about the visit and a good connection with his possible future position coach.

"Coach Trent Bray was here to see me from Nebraska," Hall said. "He's the linebacker position coach and he's just real down to Earth. He just seems like a real good coach and I think that he could really develop me."

Hall has 4.5/40 speed and the long frame that you look for in an outside linebacker. Recent changes in his physique and the weight that he is stacking on his 6-foot-3 frame has Nebraska thinking that he will play another spot.

"Nebraska likes me as a middle linebacker. I am up to 210-pounds. The coaches are Indiana on my official visit and Nebraska today were surprised by how much size I had added. The weight room has really become my best friend."

The Nebraska visit is two weeks away and Hall says that he is not coming into that visit thinking about anything he needs to see specifically. Instead, he wants to get a feel from the players and the coaches to see how he fits.

"I go to Nebraska on the 30th. I am not going there looking for anything specific, but I want to see how I fit. I want to talk to the players and the coach. I just want to feel the vibe. I want to talk with the strength and conditioning coaches and see the academic facilities."

Hall is really gaining some momentum coming into the last two official visit weekends leading up to signing day. The final two dates are set and Hall says that he's really open. He did specifically say that he thought the Nebraska offer was standing out a bit.

"I am really open," Hall said. "I am not leaning on way or another. I am going to Missouri this weekend and Nebraska next weekend. Nebraska is probably the biggest offer I have now. I am really looking forward to that visit."

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