Kaiwan Lewis hosts Nebraska; sets visit

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley was in Columbia, S.C. today to check in on a possible transfer that could help his team this fall. How did the visit go today and will there be an official visit?

South Carolina linebacker Kaiwan Lewis hosted Nebraska linebacker coach Trent Bray last week. This week Lewis, who plans to transfer once he graduates, hosted Nebraska head coach Mike Riley today.

"He was a good guy," Lewis said. "He was real straight forward with me. I thought that the visit today went well."

The visit with the head coach went so well in fact that Lewis will be on his way to Nebraska later this week. Lewis says that he hopes to sort out how he will fit in the defense while he's on the visit.

"I set up an official visit to Nebraska this weekend; I leave Friday. I really want to meet some of the players and the rest of the coaches.

"But mostly I want to sit down and talk about how I fit in and see the defense that they will be running. I want to hear about their plan for me."

What might improve Lewis' chances to get on the field and stay on the field with Nebraska is where they see him fitting in. The Nebraska coaching staff is looking at Lewis to play two of the different spots in the 4-3.

"Nebraska says that they see me playing as both the MIKE and the SAM," Lewis said. "I am comfortable playing both of those positions. I really just want to see how they will use both of those spots in their defense."

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