BIG MBB power rankings (1-23-15)

Who's the conference's surprise team? Who might make it into the NCAA tournament?

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* No one saw Indiana being the team they are this season. If anything, the summer previews talked about the Hooisers were becoming a mess. Well, they are tied for first in the conference with a 5-1 record. The Hoosiers just stomped a good Maryland team at home.

* Conference play has a way of bringing out a team’s true colors. Nebraska is playing elite level defense and are 3-3 in conference, after a bad non-conference showing. Minnesota and Penn State had good non-conference showings and they have one combined win in conference.

* The Big Ten still isn’t looking as strong as most thought they would, but they do still have some impressive depth. When Minnesota is the conference’s 11th best team, that says something.

* A major question for the Big Ten is can Maryland, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Iowa get better as the season goes along? Can any of them hang with Wisconsin for the long haul?

* Nebraska and Michigan are the most likely bubble teams that could make a run to the NCAA tournament. In order to do that they will have to step up and win multiple games against the teams mentioned above - it won’t be easy.

* Prediction: things could change, but in my estimation only seven teams are getting into March madness from the Big Ten this season. Sorry, Husker fans.

Key Matchups This Week:

Michigan State at Nebraska (a must win for the Huskers?)

Wisconsin at Michigan

Indiana at Ohio State

Nebraska at Michigan

Maryland at Ohio State

*** Posted by Josh Harvey ***

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