Mike Riley keeps positive PR train going

Nebraska football coach Mike Riley and staff were in attendance on Saturday afternoon for the men's hoops game.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Mike Riley kept the positive PR train moving on Saturday, when the new Nebraska head football coach sat in the student section during the men’s basketball matchup with Michigan State. Riley was joined by baseball head coach Darin Erstad, President Harvey Perlman, and athletic director Shawn Eichorst.

At halftime, Riley and staff were introduced to the crowd with the lights out and the “Tunnel Walk” music.

“I’ve heard a million and one times, ‘Welcome come to Nebraska!” and I love it,” Riley said.

Urging fans to show up for the spring game on April 11, Riley lead the crowd in a “There is no place like Nebraska” chant.

“We are really looking forward to our season," Riley said. "We’re looking forward to seeing Memorial Stadium like I’ve seen it in pictures.”

Riley sat with the students during the first half, but moved to a different seat in the second to talk with recruits on campus.

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