Mohamed Barry can see the fit at Nebraska

Nebraska is trying to get more athletic at the second level and one of the more athletic remaining targets is Mohamed Barry who officially visited this weekend. What were his thoughts about the visit?

Loganville (Ga.) Grayson linebacker Mohamed Barry is headed back home after taking his final official visit this weekend. Barry was in Lincoln to see what Nebraska had to offer. Barry came away impressed the most with the coaching staff at Nebraska.

"I am at the airport right now," Barry said. "I really liked the visit. It was real good. It was surprising. The biggest thing to me was just the coaches. They are really close and have good relationships. It's really like a family there."

The Huskers are approaching Barry a little differently than other schools. They don't necessarily like him as a safety or at outside linebacker. Instead, they think that he's a hybrid which is a big need as they demonstrated this weekend.

"Most schools like me either at the safety position or as an outside linebacker. Here, they have me as a hybrid position for speed against either the spread or one-back sets.

"We watched some film against Wisconsin. I really feel like I fit in. I am an important part of their class. Coach Trent Bray was with me the most. I felt a lot of respect from everyone this weekend."

There was clearly a sound in Mohamed's voice when it came to describing the visit to Nebraska. He wouldn't say where the Huskers were in his top three, but said they were up there.

"Nebraska is in my top three and I won't reveal anything else until next week when I announce my decision. As you can tell from this interview though Nebraska is really high on my list. It was a great visit."

The visit this weekend to Nebraska was nearly a perfect score for Mohamed. He really liked the linebacker position coach and how he can potentially fit in the defense that they plan to run in Lincoln.

"I would say that it was a '9.5'," Barry said. "I just liked how great Coach Bray was. He just knew what he was doing with everything. It's tough to explain. He showed me everything.

"He's very detailed and he showed me how I belonged there at Nebraska in their defense. I had fun on my visit and at night. The food was great. Everyone was cool and all of the recruits were cool."

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