Nebraska impresses Tyrin Ferguson

Nebraska commit Tyrin Ferguson saw Lincoln for the first time this weekend. He came away very impressed and felt at home with the help from a couple of friends already in Lincoln.

New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr linebacker Tyrin Ferguson is on his way home after officially visiting Nebraska. The Huskers made quite the impression on Ferguson, who committed to the Huskers after the coaching change, following Mike Riley and Trent Bray from Oregon State to Lincoln.

"I did commit without seeing it," Ferguson said. "The coaches though brought me with them to Nebraska. The visit was great. It helps having some of your brothers there like I will with Glenn Irons and Jariah Tolbert. The fan base is really into all of their teams."

There is a plan for Ferguson and that is to grow both mentally and physically. He admits that his inexperience is not in his favor, but the staff sees the potential and he is excited about his future at Nebraska.

"I have only played one year of football and the staff can see my potential. I don't know the game very well," said Ferguson. "They are expecting that I will come in and gain some weight and play outside linebacker.

"They said that they think that I will continue to add weight and eventually I will up end up playing inside. I really want to redshirt when I get there, but if they can use me then I would play."

To say that Ferguson enjoyed his visit to Nebraska was an understatement. He was asked to give a grade to the visit, one through 10, and to also come up with one thing that he would like better. Nebraska fans should be happy with his responses.

"It was a '20'!" said Ferguson. "The plus side was that I got to see some of my brothers there. They remind me of home and when I was there this weekend they made me feel at home.

"Nebraska and the weekend didn't have any flaws. All of it was on point. I really liked their facilities especially their weight room and I made a good connection with the strength and conditioning guys."

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