Willie Sykes getting pressure?

A common theme emerging for Nebraska fans has been commitments and recent offers getting pressure from other schools to take a visit or another look. Willie Sykes says one school has been calling and others might have called his coach.

Spring (Texas) defensive back Willie Sykes has only been on the Nebraska commitment list for a day or two and already there are rumors about schools pursuing Sykes.

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"Arkansas was calling me," Sykes said. "They had been contacting me, but they didn't offer. They were calling me for a while. I am committed to Nebraska. I am done."

The fact of the matter is that more teams might be inquiring about Sykes that he doesn't know about. There had been reports that Texas A&M, Arizona State and others might have been calling his coach.

"That could be. I told my coach that I was a Husker. I am not interested in other schools. Texas A&M and Arizona State don't really play defense. I am a Husker."

Sykes says that come Wednesday morning at 7:00 he will be signing the school copy of the letter of intent and faxing in. After that there will be a ceremony a little later in the morning.

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