Coach Bray was persistent in chasing Barry

Even when the feelings weren't always mutual, Nebraska never stopped coming hard at Grayson high school linebacker Mohamed Barry.

When Nebraska landed Grayson high school linebacker Mohamed Barry on Thursday night, it was the end of a comeback story for the Husker coaching staff.

“I honestly didn’t like Nebraska at first,” said Barry. “I felt they came in late, but I pardoned them for that, because it was a new coaching staff. But I still thought it was too late. It was January.”

It didn’t stop Nebraska linebacker’s coach Trent Bray.

“There was something about talking to Coach Bray,” said Barry. “I said to myself, ‘I need to reconsider them.’ He just wanted me to look at the whole picture and take the visit. He then started recruiting me harder than anybody. He came to my house and it got me to take the visit – it helped me feel comfortable with the situation.”

Barry’s parents were surprised by his desire to visit Lincoln, a school over a 1,000 miles away.

“I came back from the weekend and they were shocked. I told them (before he left), I’m going to have some fun. When I got there and I talked to Coach Bray, I was blown away.

“They saw this look in my face and were like, ‘Nebraska, really?’ I was surprised as well,” said Barry. “I came home and was like, ‘this was my favorite visit.’”

It didn’t take long for his family to get it. A little over 48 hours, when the Nebraska coaching staff visited Barry and his family in-home

“After the in-home, my parents had the same glow that I had,” said Barry. “It said it all to me. My mom gave me her blessing. I knew it was where I belonged.

“I didn’t want them to go. Usually you get to the point where you want to tell them to get out of my house. That didn’t happen with them. I wanted to go back with them.”

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley will get the credit for coming in and closing the deal. It was the relationship between Barry and Bray that made the visit happen.

“Coach Bray is smart. Just know that when you talk about Coach Bray, don’t let his youth fool you,” said Barry. “I was blown away with how smart he was. I respect him in everyway and his methods. You want to play for a guy like that, because he’s young and passionate, but mature. “I think he’s going to be a great coach, coordinator, or head coach someday. He’s talented and knows what he’s doing. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. To get somebody like him, that knows what he’s doing and played the same position as me, it’s huge. He played at the same weight I’m playing at, so we are alike in a lot of ways. He’s the perfect coach for me.”

So what is next for Barry? The craziness of recruiting is behind him.

“Training now to be a freshman All-American. I’m training to come in, earn the respect of my teammates, and move in rank. I’m a leader; I’m going to be a commander,” said the senior. “I’m going to bring a different feel to the program. I know with the guys in my class and the help of leaders already there, who will have an understanding, it will allow someone like me or another guy to bring in new ideas that will take the defense to another level.”

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