Husker commit Q&A: DaiShon Neal

For about 30 minutes on Tuesday, Nebraska defensive end commit DaiShon Neal talked with BRR's Josh Harvey in a live Q&A.

On Tuesday afternoon, Nebraska commit DaiShon Neal talked with’s Josh Harvey for nearly 30-minutes on the phone.

In the in-depth Q&A, a lot was revealed about the personality of the Omaha Central defensive end product

Big Red Report gave fans an opportunity to submit questions to the website, that would be relayed on to the Husker commits.

The pair then gave their answers back to Harvey, who paraphrased their answers in real-time.

What number do you want in college and why?
Neal said the coaches have told him he can get No. 9 in high school he played with the number and wants the defensive line to go with the single-digits up front.

What are you going to study?
Business and the culinary.

What are your goals in year one?
Win the national title. (I asked, do you have any individual goals) To go out as a team and win the national title (laughter).

How surprised are you that almost the entire class stuck together?
I'm not that surprised, we sort of had a foundation coming in. I talked to everyone and told them reasons why we should stick with Nebraska. I tried my best with Kendall (Bussey) and Reuben (Jones), but they saw better opportunities elsewhere for themselves. Otherwise, I kept everyone else connected and all in.

What is the more far fetched lie a coach told you to get your commitment?
They would sell that I would play as a true freshman. I expected it. It's what all colleges will tell me. It really wasn't that surprising to me. I want to play as a true freshman, I have talked with the Nebraska coaches about it, so I'm not really worried about it at all, but the facilities, campus and stuff played into my decision.

Any players you like to model your game after?
I try to model my game after Decon Jones and now am trying to keep my speed up like Jadeveon Clowney and Randy Gregory.

How close were you to going to Michigan?
Before I was even recruited, my dad used to talk to me about Michigan a lot. He would tell me about all the schools with great tradition. I knew when Michigan offered me I wouldn't be playing as a freshman. They already had eight defensive ends. When I was looking at Michigan, it was also about academics. They have the number two business school overall, that degree makes a lot, especially in the business world. So I looked at them.

Do you think you would have been even more recruited if you had stayed in Texas?
I was recruited as a true freshman in Texas, but no. My dad has been through the same process and played at the professional level, so I knew what to expect and was ready to work to get better.

What was the pressure like committing to a school and did schools keep rercruiting you after?
It's not pressure. A lot of schools didn't offer me because I was committed to Nebraska for so long, it's part of the process. There was only one other school that was trying to recruit me after my announcement. That was it.

How do you think the defense is going to be different under Riley compared to Bo?
From what I am hearing from the coaches and the recruits, it's going to be really good. The coaches like long fast lean guys on the end that can make plays and get after the QB. They do like fast guys everywhere that can make plays, in the secondary as well. We are going to go out and make it happen.

Who is your favorite player on the roster.
I like to watch Maliek (Collins) and Greg (McMullen). Obviously Greg McMullen plays my position and Maliek is already an All-American and is going to be future draft pick. He's really athletic for his size and weight. Watching his film he does a lot of great things.

Is their any school that you really want to beat while you are at Nebraska?
Michigan! Wisconsin! Ohio State!

How much did you lean on your dad in the process and how lucky were you to have him since he's been through it before?
I leaned on him a lot with certain things I didn't understand in the process. Throughout the entire process he let me make my own decision. He taught what I should be looking out for and when the coaches might be lying. He told me what to pay attention out for the most. He taught me what to say and I was lucky to have in the process.

Who will your roommate be?
I believe Alex Davis. Not sure yet.

What recruit in the class do you feel you are most close to?
I'm pretty close to all of them. It's like a brother hood. I don't really have any favorites. I'm close to everybody.

Favorite food?
Surf and Turf. I like lobster.

What do you do when you aren't playing football?
I watch film, I watch Netflix, I take care of my school work and workout. I work out a lot on Saturdays and then go hang out with friends.

XBOX 360 of PS3?

How frustrating was it to have fans following you on Twitter and bothering you?
It wasn't frustrating. I loved the fans reaching out to me, but what I love the most was the haters who got on there and made comments. I sat back and laughed at them. They didn't know me. It just made me laugh.

What was your favorite hs memory?
Playing the number one team in the state in Omaha North and almost beating them because they underestimated us. We were the only team that lost to them by a touchdown. We were up a big part of the game and couldn't finish.

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