Husker commit Q&A: Carlos/Khalil Davis

For about an hour on Tuesday, Big Red Report interviewed Carlos and Khalil Davis in a live setting.

On Tuesday night, Nebraska commits Carlos Davis and Khalil Davis (Blue Springs HS) talked with’s Josh Harvey for nearly an hour on the phone.

In the in-depth Q&A, a lot was revealed about the Twins going into National Signing Day. The Huskers fended off in-state Missouri for the highly touted pair.

Big Red Report gave fans an opportunity to submit questions to the website, that would be relayed on to the Husker commits.

The pair then gave their answers back to Harvey, who paraphrased their answers in real-time.

What number do you guys want to wear?
Carlos – When we were up there, we talked about going with a 1-digit number, if we can’t get that, we will go with No. 95 and No. 96. Pelini said that we couldn’t get a 1-digit number, but Coach Riley said it was good.

Anybody you guys model your game after?
Khalil - We model after anybody...we try to just be me. But, I like to play like Suh, who was aggressive.

Do you want to redshirt or play right away?
Carlos - We want to play right away. If we did redshirt, it would be to get the hang of things, balancing school work and football.

Can you talk about the difference between Riley vs Pelini
Khalil: Coach Riley is laid back and chilled. Mike Riley is more personable and easier to talk to. Coach Pelini was a good guy, but sort of intimidating when you talked to him.

PS3 or XBOX 360?
Carlos - We play it all.

Favorite sport? Other than football?
Khalil - Fishing...we are bass fishers. Anytime we not playing football or school work, we are fishing. Coach Garrison told me about some good spots not too far from campus.

What most excites you about becoming a Cornhusker?
Khalil - I would say that being in the town and atmosphere. It's exciting on game day. To me there wasn't any place like it walking through the tunnel and going into the stadium.

Can you talk about the tunnel walk, how cool was it to hear your name.
Carlos - It gives you goosebumps. I have been there maybe 25 times and every time I get goosebumps.

Do you talk to the guys on campus already? Are they enjoying it so far?
We talk to Avery (Anderson) and Eric (Lee) and they love it.

Things you are guys are getting most exited for?
Carlos - my first sack and throwing up the Bones.

Khalil - just getting ready for a big game.

Are you starting off as a 3 technique, a five, defensive end or are you unsure exactly which spot?
Carlos - Coach Hughes said likely the 3 technique, but we could play anywhere.

Did you help recruit other guys?
Khalil - we played a small part in it, but Avery and Eric did a better job at that. They knew more people than we did because they committed earlier. Avery is a really talkative guy.

How excited are you finally be done with the process?
Khalil - I'm excited, the process has been long and it will be nice for things to die down.

If you could describe your game in two words, how would you do it?
Carlos - powerful and explosive.

Khalil - fast and agressive.

How has being brothers helped you all develop into the players you are today?
Khalil - it's been easy for us, because you always have someone helping push you. You are going to get more aggressive and better.

How do you feel about fans interacting with you on Twitter?
Carlos - I like the fans, it's when those Mizzou fans jump on twitter that I jump off.

Do you get crap for not going to in-state Missouri?
Carlos - it's bad at school. Everyone at school is a Missouri fan. A few are Husker fans, but most are Tigers, including teachers. We will sway some, we already have.

Craziest recruiting story?
Khalil - Coach Wise at KU said would you rather be a big fish at a small pond or a small fish at a big pond? Carlos said, I would rather be a big fish at a big pond.

Is your dream to play in the League?
Twins: Always been a dream, but we have other dreams.

Khalil - Start my own fishing store. Marine biology stuff.

Carlos - Marine biology dreams outside of football.

What is one aspect of your game you are hoping to most develop within your first year on campus?
Carlos - the use of my hands.

Khalil - it would be my footwork and hands. Typical defensive line stuff.

Were you guys a package deal? Or did you two ever think about going to different schools?
Always a package deal. Never came into the equation.

Do you throw the pass at the 1-yard line?
Carlos - No, BeastMode.

Are you going to do track at Nebraska?
Carlos - we are going to do both. (discus)

Was Nebraska your squad growing up?
Carlos – Yes
Khalil – TCU…before I got into college sports.

What did Riley do to make you guys confident that you were still committed to the right place?
Khalil - When we first met him we didn't know what to think besides he was friendly. There was a big difference between him and Coach Pelini, but we liked how he went about himself. We really like him.

Khalil... Does it ever bother you Carlos does all the tackling?
Khalil - I usually take on the double-teams, which is more important...(NOW THEY ARE ARGUING....Carlos - "It was one game."

What separates Huskers fans from other fan bases?
Khalil - It would be how tight the town is, but it's such a big fan base still. It makes the fan base special.

If you two got into the octagon together, who would win?
Khalil - I don't think there would be a winner. We would totally injury both each other.

Do you think Nebraska should really own the Kansas City area in recruiting every year?
Carlos - I think they should. There is a lot of unfound talent in KC and in the Midwest.

What type of legacy do you wish to create at Nebraska?
Carlos - I want to create the Davis twin era.

If your mom found you two fighting in the octagon would she come in a whip you both?
Khalil - she would start screaming and pass out.

Who can bench press the most...and how much?
Carlos - 365 pounds

Suh played a couple of times at FB, any interest in scoring a TD or laying a big block ???
Khalil - wherever they need, that's where I will play.

What team in the BIG 10 are you looking forward to playing? Any away stadiums you are eager to play in?
Carlos - I would like to play Wisconsin, it's a good rivalry. And stadium wise, Michigan or Michigan State.

Khalil - I would like to play Ohio State and Wisconsin, to redeem this year, and Michigan State. Basically playing every team that beat us this or is the best in the Big Ten.

How influential was your family in the recruiting process?
Khalil - Our mom liked to argue us with a lot. Our dad was chill and went with whatever. He wanted us to go to whatever school we liked. Mother had her say. She wanted to weigh our options. She wanted to visit more schools. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Nebraska, she just wanted us to be sure.

Favorite foods for both of you?
Twins: Probably corn and okra. Every meal that has corn. Khalil had chili yesterday and he had corn in it.

What is the best complement you have ever received from a scout or coach?
Carlos - this week I had an interview with my personal finance teacher who was at the Lee Summit basketball game. Coach Hill (Missouri) was there watching Drew Lock who’s going to Missouri. Coach Hill was good friends with my teacher and told him, we were sad to lose Carlos, because he's going to be a future All-American and a great player. He wished me luck.

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