Huskers and B1G chasing OSU

The Big Ten is chasing Ohio State. What will it take for a school to get to the same level? Nebraska head coach Mike Riley touched the subject on Wednesday during his National Signing Day press conference.

National Signing Day is almost in the books and the Nebraska Cornhuskers will likely finish No. 33 overall in the team recruiting rankings – not bad for a smaller class and a coaching staff in transition.

The Huskers will finish No. 5 in the conference, not many points behind division rival Wisconsin. More than a few behind defending Big Ten and National Champion Ohio State, who finished No. 9 overall.

It’s the third straight year the Buckeyes will finish with a Top Ten class and the top spot in the conference. While some have tried to dethrone the Buckeyes on a year-to-year basis, at this point everyone in the conference is chasing.

“I think you have to look." - Riley on comparing other B1G teams recruiting efforts

“ I think eventually after we settle down a little bit, we’ll look at the players that somebody else got,” said Nebraska head coach Mike Riley. “We’ll compare. But all of it will be done so that we can get better and compete for the championship. That right now is the team we have to be. Part of it, you can be in a world of your own as far as talking about it, but as far as the other part of it, you’ve got to get the players that can beat those guys.”

Riley hasn’t been on the Nebraska scene long. While he admits he doesn’t know how much stock to put into recruiting rankings, he did sound like a coach who knew overall recruiting had to get better to compete with the likes of the Buckeyes.

“I guess I’d have to generally say they have to be perceived as top level. And I don’t know if you’re meaning rank, because I don’t know how much stock to put into all of that,” said Riley. “But I think that we have to know with the ability of a Jalin Barnett. I mean I think we’re getting one of the top players in Oklahoma. That’s the kind of guy we’re going to go after. And in order to win championships, you have to get those kind of guys.”

And quite a few of them.

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