Husker commit Q&A: Devine Ozigbo

For about 30 minutes on Wednesday, Big Red Report's Bryan Munson interviewed Texas running back Devine Ozigbo.

Big Red Report gave fans an opportunity to submit questions to the website, that would be relayed on to Husker commit Devine Ozigbo on Wednesday night.

The Texas running back then gave his answers to Bryan Munson, who paraphrased their answers in real-time.

Who is going to be your roommate?

I haven't really thought that through. I would like to room with either Christian Gaylord or Khalil Davis.

What are your expectations for the first couple of years at the spot with a lot of guys already at the RB position?
I am going to work really hard for sure. I am going to come in and there use my ball catching ability to try and get on the field. I hope to play early.

What were the advantages of going to Nebraska over ISU?
The biggest were academically. They have high standards at NU and it was the tradition at Nebraska.

Who is your guy in the NFL or CFB that you like to model your game after?
I don't really try to model my game after anybody. But, I think that I do play like Arayan Foster. I think that he does everything really well and I think that he's that every down, all-purpose RB.

Why Nebraska?
The tradition and what I heard from Coach Riley and Coach Warre…it would be the best decision for me.

Who was your host during your official?
My host was Trai Mosley. He was real cool. I like Trai. He was really funny. Everyone was cool with each other.

You didn't see a game at Nebraska, how excited are you?
I can't wait! I can't wait to see 90K+ packed into Memorial Stadium to see a game. It's going to be crazy!

Did you always want to leave Texas?
Originally I am from Boston. So staying in Texas wasn't a big concern. I wanted to go where it was the best for me.

XBOX or PS4?
PS4! Without a doubt!

Do you know many of the current Husker running backs very well?
I don't know them well. I saw a couple that Trai pointed out. But I didn't talk with many.

What type of peanut butter do you prefer, crunchy or creamy?
It depends...I am going to have to with crunchy.

Bench, squat, forty?
320/500/4.56 (handtimed)

You worried about running in colder weather?
No, I actually like colder weather. I am from Boston.

How excited are you to be done with the process?
Real excited. I have time now to just focus on me and get better.

Who told you that you had an offer on the staff? Warren or Riley?
It was actually Coach Davis.

What players did you look up to growing up?
When I was a kid I really liked watching Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady is my favorite football player.

Favorite food?
Pizza. Without a doubt.

What schools in the Big Ten are you looking forward to playing (beating) the most?
Probably Iowa. Definitely Iowa. They recruited me and they were in my original top 3. When I picked ISU they weren't to fond of that. I didn't like the way they reacted.

What do you want to study?
Either kinesiology or marketing.

What’s your favorite part about knowing you're going to be a Husker next year?
The fact that it's going to push my work ethic because I am going to a place with great competition.

Devine, you just ran for 150 yards and 3 TDs against a nationally ranked team in a win. What do you that night to celebrate?
Ice bath and eat some pizza.

Do you plan to come to spin game?
I want to. I really want to. It’s a finance thing.”

Momma's boy?

When do you expect to arrive in Lincoln?
June 7th

Did the coaches talk to you about the type of offense you would be playing in?
They said it would be pro-style and multiple. They said to get used to coming in and catching the ball. Lots of catches in the flat.

*** Josh Harvey posted this Q&A ***

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