Husker commit Q&A: Matt Snyder

For about 30 minutes on Wednesday, Big Red Report's Bryan Munson interviewed California tight end Matt Snyder.

Big Red Report gave fans an opportunity to submit questions to the website, that would be relayed on to Husker commit Matt Snyder on Wednesday night.

The California tight end then gave his answers to Bryan Munson, who paraphrased their answers in real-time.

Do you expect to play year 1?
Hopefully. I am going to be working hard to do that. We are going to make a decision based on how I do in the summer and decide if I will redshirt then.

Who do you think the best player in the class is?
Out of the players I know well...Jalin Barnett.

What were the positives of Michigan?
I would say fan base and the relationship with the coaching staff. I liked the town too.

Team he's looking most forward to playing?
Probably, Michigan since they recruited me.

How excited are you for your first game?
I am going to be really excited, super excited. It's a ways away, but I can't wait to get out there in front of the crowd

Matt, worried about snow storms or playing in cold?
I am definitely not used to playing in the cold. I am expecting it to be cooler and I will be prepared for it.

Who does he think will be QB next year?
I couldn't tell you. I think that they are going to be pretty open and re-evaluate things. Honestly, I couldn't say.

You choose Nebraska over Michigan because of coach Riley. If Riley had stayed at Oregon State would you have gone there instead?
It would have been hard. It would have been a possibility. It would have taken something great for me to flip. So not likely.

Are you happy that Riley made the move to Nebraska from Oregon State so that you ended up here instead?
Yeah. I am excited to get out of the west coast and experience what it's like to live in another area.

Matt, what do you think will be the biggest difference between living in NE in compared to CA?
Definitely the weather. I guess outside of that, I have never lived outside of Cali. I don't know much about Lincoln. I don't think it's going to be too different.

Did they tell you to expect to play this coming year? Or did they talk about redshirting?
They said that it was a possibility that I would play. they said they would make that official decision to see how I pan out this summer.

Is there a certain TE that you model your game after or feel like you are similar to in the way you play the position?
I wouldn't say that I am similar to any, but I like to watch Gronk obviously. I also like Jack Ertz from Stanford and he went to a rival HS.

Did you meet any of the other Nebraska Tight Ends when you came on your visit.
I did not. I came in contact with some over social media, but none on my official visit.

How ok would you be with a R/S year?
Yeah. I would be OK with it. I will do whatever is best for the team and myself. The simple answer is yeah. It won't bother me. I am fine with either one.

Do you know how football crazy the state of Nebraska is?
I have a sense of it from the fans and when I was out there. I have heard that there is nothing like it. From what I can tell it seems pretty crazy. I am thinking about coming back for the spring game. We will see then.

What would you say was the deciding factor in choosing Nebraska over Michigan?
I would say coaching staff. The town of Lincoln. I would also say the football tradition and the fan support. I also liked the facilities. I was really comfortable there.

What is the greatest strength of your game and what do you feel is something you need to work on?
Greatest strength is being versatile and being able to block and catch. Just being well-rounded. I would say I had to work on running crisper routes. They have told me that I have room to add weight too. They didn't give me a number. They want to see where it crosses over and affects my performance numbers.

Did Jim have anything bad to say about Nebraska and if so what?
To be honest, he was pretty straight forward and didn't do any negative recruiting. He promoted his school to sound more positive about Michigan, but he never came out and said anything negative about Nebraska.

What was your favorite team growing up and did they offer?
I guess I grew up, not a huge fan, but being around Stanford we followed them and I watched them a little bit. I didn't have a dream school. I didn't follow college heavily until 9th grade. I didn't get an offer from them. I am not sure if that would have changed anything. I wouldn't have committed to any school just because they offered. If they offered right now I wouldn't just have committed.

What team did you grow up playing NCAA football in on PS3/XBox?

It's been said Harbaugh is pretty aggressive...was he?

What are your expectations for your 1st year as a Husker?
Football - lots of hard work. FR year - Will be tough to adjust, living by myslef and playing football. Try to contribute any way I can and also have fun with it.

What did you like about Oregon State, or was it all just Coach Riley?
It wasn't just all Coach Riley. He was a big part of it. They have a beautiful campus and I liked Corvallis. It was like a smaller version of Lincoln.

Do you see yourself as a team leader...and if so how would it feel to lead the team out of the tunnel on game days?
I do see myself as a leader in more of an example way. I am captain for my football team and my rugby team. I would probably say there would be no better feeling than leading my team out of the tunnel.

Was the recruiting process something you enjoyed..and having just gone thru it..would you be for an earlier signing date?
At times it was stressful, but the whole thing was fun. I didn't have any problems.

Did Riley or Jim or Jay Harbaugh ever mention there close relationship with each other in their recruitment of you?
Not much was mentioned. They did say it, but it wasn't a talking point

What team did goals did Coach Riley lay out for you during your OV?
Get a degree and be the best player I can on teh football field.

You seem to do well catching delayed screen passes. Is that your favorite play?
No, not my favorite. I like running seam routes, but I do enjoy the screen route as well as the variations of the seam routes.

When you were in Lincoln, did fans already know who you were...and if so, what did you think about that?
Some of them, yes. I was approached when we were out to dinner. It was pretty interesting to meet people. It didn't happen anywhere else.

How did your parents feel about you going that far away to attend college? How many games do you expect them to come and watch
hey honestly wanted -- if Nebraska was 30 miles away -- it would be nicer, but they didn't mind. Hopefully they can come out for 3 or 4 games a year.

Hot topic around Big 10 country, what is your preference for game times: 11, 2:30, or 7pm?
I would prefer primetime, but as a player I would rather eat breakfgast and play the game. I don't want to wait around.

How do you think playing in the Big 10 will be different than your area of the Pac-12?
It will be a tougher style of football.

Which is more fun running over a corner back after a catch or stopping a blitzing safety?
Running over a CB.

How would you rate the Nebraska training facilities compared to the other campuses you saw?
By far the best. It was definitely nicer than Michigan's. Without question. I liked the weight room and the layout of how it's centralized around the stadium.

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