BRR Filmroom: Eric Lee

Eric Lee is one of the biggest recruits in the class of 2015 for Nebraska. The talented cornerback is in Lincoln and might be buried on the depth chart initially, but could jump up it quickly this spring.

Eric Lee is in Lincoln and the question now about the four-star recruit is whether or not he can get on the field. Lee is likely deep on the depth chart coming into Lincoln. It’s going to come down to how quickly he can come up to speed with what Nebraska wants to do on the field to see how quickly Lee sees the field.

Cornerbacks at the next level are supposed to be “island guys”. Guys that you can put out there on a receiver and forget about them. They are locking down their guy, taking out that part of the game and that is supposed to be that.

But, the cornerback position is much more complicated. What about supporting the run? What about being a blitzer? Zone coverage? Lee touches on all of those things in his senior highlights and with that skillset he seems very ready for college.

What Lee never forgets about is keeping his outside arm free. His first three clips on defense off of his highlight film shows a unique ability. You see Lee keep eyes on the ball. You see the outside arm free and at the last second sheds the block and makes the play.

The eyes are something that you keep coming back to with Lee. He never loses sight of the ball whether it’s a run or a pass. Lee is part of the play whether it’s coming his way or he has to come all the way across the field.

You get a sense of Lee’s athleticism a number of times throughout the film, but one of my favorites was the fake fieldgoal. First, you have to understand why an opponent chose to run that play. They saw previous film of Lee coming off of the edge and thought they would take advantage.

What they didn’t see was that Lee could stop on a dime and chase down their field goal holder from behind in a matter of a second or two. The holder went from left hash with the fake and Lee had him by the time he was at the right hash.

Man to man coverage you see perfect technique. The go route on the outside of the field and Lee gets on the receiver’s inside hip, keeping himself in between the quarterback and the receiver and putting the sideline behind the receiver which is acting as another defender.

Lee also is seen in a number of offensive plays where again his athleticism stands out whether he’s running out of the wildcat, taking a handoff, catching a pass, running a reverse or even throwing a touchdown pass.

Have to love the understanding of the zone though. Lee understands his part of the field and how receivers leave his zone looking at the action coming his way. He comes off of the receiver on the line of scrimmage and finds the running back on his way out to the flat.

Big sticks. One handed grabs. Solid tackles. Running for touchdowns. Coming downhill to support the run. Keeping outside leverage. Zone or man coverage. Lee does it all. The skills are there for Lee to make a good impression this spring and begin the climb up the depth chart.

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