Jared Brugmann thankful for walk-on spot

Jared Brugmann has had the dream of playing for Nebraska since pee-wee football. He realized that the dream was going to be a tough one to have come true. So when he had the opportunity he took advantage.

Jared Brugmann from Gretna (Nebr.) had a quick decision to make when it came to a walk-on opportunity at Nebraska. He thought that the Huskers might try and enter the picture late and once they did he had little time to make a decision.

"I got the opportunity to walk-on at Nebraska a week before signing day," Bruhhman said. "I had a full-ride offer from Washburn which I was considering. They both gave me a deadline to make a decision the Tuesday before signing day and that's when I made my choice."

There were plenty of other offers on the table for Brugmann beyond Washburn. What it came down to though is the same that it does for most other high school players from the state.

"Growing up in Nebraska it's one of those things. You play pee-wee, middle school and high school and then you are supposed to go to Nebraska. You realize along the way it's unrealistic, but it remained a dream of mine. I am thankful for the opportunity."

One of the big areas of need in the class of 2015 was linebacker. If there is a spot that the class lacked was a true middle linebacker. That's exactly where a guy like Brugmann might fit in.

"Nebraska likes me in the middle. I am good at diagnosing plays and I can read well. I am sure in college it will be faster and more difficult. I played in the Blue-Gray All-American game and did well so I think that I am coachable as well."

Brugmann was on Nebraksa's radar as a possible walk-on prospect for a long time. But then there was a coaching change. Then a long lull of silence from Nebraska. He said that he had to be patient with them though.

"I went to their camp and I had been talking with some of their coaches," Brugmann said. "They liked me as a walk-on prospect. So, I got a little worried when they were fired.

"When they called they said that they were still literally moving in and I had to be patient because of that. But, I am all-in with Coach Mike Riley. I think that they will have a lot of success with him as the head coach and all of the new, additional resources they now have."

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